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  1. Just saw Kon-Tiki. Not Hollywood-quality, but definitely worth the $10.
  2. You attempt to run, fail, roll bad on the critical failure table, and die. That's Rolemaster in essence, a series of unfortunate failures at mundane moments when you least expect it. Made some of the greatest and funniest moment of my PNP history, but would absolutely suck for a PC game. I played RM for a decade, and I can't recall dying while running. Most of the time our DM wouldn't deem it necessary to create a skill challenge out of something so simple. Sounds like your DM didn't have a very firm grasp on the rule set. If you play the classic RM system (1'st ed.) and limit yourselves to the basic rules and Player Companion I, you'll find that it's an exceedingly much simpler system than say.. D&D 4'ed. Maybe I'm sentimental and biased because RM was the first PnP -system I played, but I'm convinced that anyone who gives RM a wholehearted attemt will find it much more exciting, simple and realistic than the later D&D editions. I think it would rock for crpgs, since all the time-consuming stuff like looking up critical tables etc. would be implemented and calculated instantly. J.
  3. 40m views in a month.. it's addicitive
  4. A few BG3 Twitter statements from TO; We are speculating again. If we were to do a #BG3 it would likely use the latest rules system. (hurry up 5E) I'm probably more excited about the potential for a #BG3 But I think an overhaul on Torment could be a great thing Yes, if we can swing it, we want to do #BG3 after the other potential enhanced editions. If not, might be a good time to start new If we were to do a #BG3 we would probably develop a new engine and tool path. Clipping map areas is not an ideal level art workflow. Mapping out the opportunity space is an over complicated way of saying we're looking at our options. IWD:EE PST:EE, BG3, Kickstart new IP While I think #Diablo3 looks good I'd really like to avoid an 8year Dev cycle for a #BG3 if it were to happen. If a #BG3 were to happen we would roll new technology. Infinity can do many things, but there are fundamental software design limitations. J.
  5. Well, "BG3" doesn't have to be anything more than a working title. The IWD games didn't share a direct story continuity, the title merely reflected that these tales took place in the same part of the world. A lot of stuff can happen in the city of Baldur's Gate. Something in Cormyr/Suzail would be fun, something not related to BG/Bhaal.
  6. I revisited an old mud (multi-user text game) I used to play, for old times sake. One of the old players were still there, and he was now married. He was playing with his wife, and she was basically running the entire place. She didn't lead a single group, and still she would bitch, exclude, harass and single out people she didn't like. I tried to lead a few raids, and when I told her to do a few things, she would complain loudly that her trigger-set made he *do* things, and she didn't know how to turn it off(!) Her husband had set it up for her, and she was gonna have him "chastise" me for speaking to her. She told me to stop dying when I lead raids, so she could afk without having to worry that she would die. Now she spends her time spreading gossip about my character, and when I occationally log on, I find myself drawn back into old neurotic high-school scenarios. I have a hard time believing that girls are *targets* and *victims* on the internet. Women have always been better at social-games, always have, always will - whether it's on the internet or IRL. No need to pity them. J.
  7. New BGEE features introduced; areas, adventures and characters.. Looks like Gromnir's kid brother will play a significant role in the new BG adventures. Dorn Il-Khan! I'll take great pleasure in sending him nekkid against the first pack of gibberlings I run into. J.
  8. As long as it's got a little bend-over latex action w/ Anne Hathaway, they got my 10$.
  9. Who can argue with pictures of tortured children. A strong military presence is justified. What bothers me is that noone seems to understand what the heck is going on, and for some reason, one country after the other is invaded - according to the masterplan in the classified memo he mentioned.
  10. Just saw Prometheus, and I enjoyed it a lot despite the silly story and logical fallacies. I'd call it an action-comedy of sorts. Imho, the first Alien-movie is on a whole different level.
  11. Gotto see Johnny Mnemonic now, to get that Cyberpunk feeling..
  12. Last time I played PnP Cyberpunk was in 97. The DM sent a trauma team to rescue some CEO from my Solo. They empied 3-4 clips into him, and that was the end of that. Great setting, great game.
  13. Did.. Tyrion just die? Don't tell me Tyrion died. They can't possibly cut Dinklage from Game of Thrones. If so, they'd better end it with season 2, because I'm not gonna keep watching it without Dinklage and Sean Bean.
  14. That pretty much sums it up..
  15. More pictures of your sister in shorts please.. J.
  16. http://www.baldursgate.com/news/2012/05/10/sam-hulick-scores-music-for-baldurs-gate-enhanced-edition/ Sam Hulick composing music for new areas in BGEE. Was the Mass Effect music any good? J.
  17. Good episode. A shame the angry mob didn't tear apart King Joffrey..
  18. Good episode. All the introductions and intrigue in Quarth, and the warlock.
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