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  1. I'm impressed.. Imagine those waves rolling.. J.
  2. Someone else learned from your tactics: Seriously, you guys need a prez with over 8 wis. Get a new.. Kennedy, or something. Anyone has the Wilfried Huismann documentary on theCastro/Kennedy assassination theory btw? I'd really like to see it. J.
  3. Jamie Oliver's cookbook. Like that's gonna help... bwah,..
  4. I just picked them up over at NWN2News.. Go over there for more info.
  5. If those are screenshots, then I'm impressed..
  6. I found no link in this thread so.. http://files.guardianchronicles.net/nwn2-1.jpg http://files.guardianchronicles.net/nwn2-2.jpg http://files.guardianchronicles.net/nwn2-3.jpg http://files.guardianchronicles.net/nwn2-4.jpg http://files.guardianchronicles.net/nwn2-5.jpg J.
  7. Still no pictures uh.. Could someone who has access to this magazine please run it through a scanner. Shouldn't be too hard. :cool: J.
  8. He's Irish, and his family is killed in Ireland when he's young. 10-15 years later he travels to Iceland to find the vikings who did it. It turns out he's been preparing for revenge all his life. A revenge plot with a cultural twist. You'll get a pretty good picture of the viking-culture. It should be out on CD soon I think.. (The director's homepage) .. the trailer is a bit corny btw.. J.
  9. The english rendering of "Hrafninn Flygur" (which means, as far as I know "The Raven flies", or "The Flight of the Raven") is "Revenge of the Barbarians". I don't think that's a "perfectly good english title". As for what you think about Last Sword, well, everyone's entitled to their opinion. I thought it was pretty good, a bit sentimental, but decent. J.
  10. For those who wish to expand their Hollywood-horizon a little: Stalker Hrafninn Flygur Mibu Gishi den Ofelas Feixia Ada Hotel Rwanda .. just off the top of my mind. J.
  11. Thanks. Heh.. who knows. Maybe there's something to it after all.
  12. The truth about Katrina! I knew it was KGB all along.. with some help from the Yakuza of course.
  13. I haven't adressed the person in question in over two years. Also, please notice (no sarcasm): when I said that I find his posts entertaining, I meant exactly that. They really are witty, sharp and to the point, and I very much enjoy reading them. Well, since I seem to have run out of celebs (for now), I'll just snoop around and see if there are any other interesting threads. It's a shame that the NWN2 fora were moved to Bioware though. Takes forever to load.
  14. Now now.. Stop barking and allow people to make their own judgements. More celebs.. Madonna. For hyping Kabbalah, turning it into some.. fashion thing. Tom Cruise, for running his Scientology crusade with an almost missionary zeal wherever he goes.
  15. Thanks, and sorry.. you guys aren't cliqueish are you? I ran into Gromnir over at BIS and ALFA a few years ago.. I'm still recovering from his verbal "Norwegians are seal-killers" attack. ..oh, throw Brigitte Bardot to the sharks while you're at it.
  16. am tempted to answer your query. *shrug* HA! Good Fun! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> "Our name is legion, for we are many.." Sorry, couldn't help myself. " Gromnir's posts are always entertaining. As for shark bait.. I'd pick all those Hollywood blondes who "accidently" lose their personal sex-videos..
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