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  1. "The decade-long American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would end up costing as much as $6 trillion, the equivalent of $75,000 for every American household, calculates the prestigious Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government." Was it worth it? Americans are undoubtedly the most generous people. Ghost towns all over. The break their own backs to send Iraqi girls to school. That's how unselfish they are! I encourage all Americans to be more selfish. Spend all that money on yourselves. Don't waste it on Iraqi and Afghan nation building. Let those people sort out their own affairs! Want to be a good conservative? Conserve your own country! Spend the money on yourselves. Don't bankrupt yourselves to save other people. Don't waste money on warfare. Don't sell your land and natural resources to China. Be good Americans. Spend it all on yourselves. That's what a good right-wing conservative does. He thinks about himself and his own country. Be a good republican and save the United States! J.
  2. Blasphemy.. - Planescape Torment was boring as hell. - Turn based is boring as hell. - 3D is overrated. - Most homegrown world/campaign-setting created by crpg developers are just cheap FR rip-offs. - IWD1 was the best game ever. - NWN2 blew. - Everyone loves powergaming. - Everyone wants another 100+ hour long D&D cRPG. J.
  3. You can chime in with the swedish commentators today and give Northug a pat on the head. He was way behind.. K.
  4. Speaking of muscles, Marit Bjoergens sidekick and friend.. She came in fourth today.. J.
  5. Looking good so far.. Day 1: Congrats to the US and Sage with the slopestyle gold. Good job. Junai, Oslo.
  6. I'm afraid Vol might be right about a Beamdog BG3:EE. Neera made me think of Jarjar Binks and the letdown which was SW Ep. 1.
  7. This is how I felt when I had played Neera the Wild Mage for a few hours.. J.
  8. Finally got it to work, by running the .exe in Win 95 compatibility mode. Lags a lot when I cast those color sprays though. Need a decent graphics card to run it.
  9. Pretty much unplayable for me, with a Mobile Intel 4 chipset. Frustrated people spamming the board.
  10. For those interested in the problems of religious pride and feelings of religious self-importance, take a look at Trungpa's "Cutting through spiritual materialism". http://www.amazon.co.../dp/1590306392/ Have faith, that these teachings will make you lose faith.. J.
  11. Indeed. And with all the organizations who've misused their funding lately, I bet we'll see some changes after the next election. The Labour solution has been to put out any fire by throwing money at it. It simply doesn't work. Never did.
  12. What are you a member of the Jobbik party or something? It's a tactical nomination. She's an intergration poster child, a muslim who behaves like an ethnic Norwegian in most ways. She's young and popular, and a wizard with social media. But most of all, Labour hopes she'll win the hearts and minds of the immigrants. It's natural to question her qualifications, but let's give her a chance first. Anyway, it doesn't matter all that much. Labour won't win the next election. They've made too many mistakes during the last four years. J.
  13. I wouldn't want the government to curb our liberty to speek freely, but rather see a change in public opinion regarding provocations. The US gov. fear that Bradley Manning has put lives in danger because of his leeking military documents. I'd say the provocation video is equally dangerous, considering it already got people killed.
  14. Things are looped together. As our cultural exchange with the Middle east proceeds and we tell each other what we *should* behave like, there are those who subtly fuel the hatred and avail themselves of the situation to further their own agenda. This is why I think people should curtail their desire to provoke. It's an irresponsible way of claiming ones right to free speech, and it has consequences which people are more or less blind to. We had a situation in Norway a couple of years back. A blonde girl was raped by Africans, muslims who weren't used to seeing scantily clad girls. Now, if *your* daugher is going out, would you tell her to put on some clothes? if so, the foreigner has power over you, but your daughter is safe. Americans have already made the choice. They traded away their freedom for a false sense of security after 9/11, through the Patriot Act etc. Freedom of speech in America? You can be detained indefinitely without the right to a trial and jury. It's like China. I must say I find Gromnir's talk of maturity and freedom somewhat amusing. J.
  15. Let me get this straight Grom - your message is that people around the world should grow up, so they'll be able to handle imperialist aggression, drone-wars, egotism, McDonaldism and cultural insults from the big baby that is America? Ok. We'll try our best to develop Ghandi-like patience in order to endure your infantile ramblings. Then we'll go to your schools and adopt your fantastic ways. Do you realize what you're asking for? And you wonder why people hate the great Satan? J.
  16. Makes me think of the IRS. Please give us the fruits of your labor sir, it's not in the constitution - but.. we wantz it!
  17. No, but it's what actually happens, and it's being exploited for all it's worth. Some yutz puts a vid on Youtube and upsets some muslims. A diplomat is killed. Suddenly the US of A feel justified in sending another fleet of drones to the respective area to hunt down the aggressors. How many times must this scenario be repeated before ppl start to see the picture? J.
  18. We've been through this a lot, especially after the Danish Muhammed caricatures in 2006. The norwegian officer Lt Col. Siri Skare was killed in Afghanistan last year, after the American Rev. Terry Jones decided to burn the Quran. This year, some Coptic halfwit from CA decided to insult the muslims - again - and as a result a US ambassador was killed. Do I think the muslim attacks are "legit"? Not at all. Should Americans know better? Yes! You're free to go up to a guy at the local pub and call him an arse. Does that mean he won't punch you in the face? Talk about being befuddled. As for whaling, according to Wikipedia, the Makha tribe in Washington State reinstated whaling in 1999, despite protests from animal rights groups. In Norway, the catch is made solely from one sustainable whale population. J.
  19. Are they broke? What about the earnings from all the EA Bioware hand-me down projects? It just kept them afloat?
  20. Hoverdog, I don't care if BG:EE is a cashgrab, as long as their intention is to use the cash to create crpgs that I like (like BG3).
  21. Please provide evidence that millions of customers are "lining up" for BG:EE. Because that's the amount of people you need to sell to for publishers to be interested. It's not a matter of millions - the game is being developed (or at least overhauled), and it's being released nov. 30. If they can make it happen, and they enjoy doing it, why can't Obsidian?
  22. Oh please... Don't try to convince me that the entire gaming-world wants South Park and glossy consol-nonsense, so OE is forced to cater to the braindead majority which constitutes the "market". People are lining up for BG:EE. People still play BG and IWD over a decade after release. If you really want to do something, make it happen. They wanted to make money rather than follow their hearts, and now that Trent's got BG:EE going, they suddenly started to sweat and finally got moving.
  23. "Miss classic CRPG's like Baldur's Gate,Icewind Dale, and Planscape: Torment? So do we!" Well why hasn't OE delved into the projects they wanted to make before now!? Did they need Overhaul Games to enhance all their classics to wake them up? I do wanna contribute, it just irritates that a OE asks for contributions to develop games that THEY AND THEIR FANS wanna see, while at the same time spending God-knows-how-much on South Park, cancelled Alien projects and consol games. J.
  24. Good thing you're willing to break your financial back to finance the US world-education & police- campaign then. $1.3B to get afghan girls back to school, and to get rid of the brave freedom fighters you trained and financed in the eighties. America is generous. Time to look in the mirror now, and moe the lawn in your own backyard. J.
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