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  1. This week's ep. was nasty. Almost a bit too much imho. It's turning into a sadism-/horror thing.. Why can't we get some good ol' fashion sword-fighting!?
  2. Yups.. like KitKatClub and Insomnia.
  3. From Paul's website; Eventually, if we
  4. Good episode. Rob should've listened to his mother, there is no help to get from the Greyjoys.
  5. ...canna believe I's gotta agree wit' the dwarf on this'n ('cept that BG wasna overrated; SoA & ToB was, greatly)...a Planescape: Torment redux, now that'd 'ave me attention... ...WHO LUVS YA, BABY!!... BG lives forever, like chess and Mozart.. I *do* want to see a demo of the EE before I purchase it though.
  6. Weird. I don't even use Facebook. Maybe it's because I signed up before the Facebook-integration update. Back OT; I don't feel the GoT-story progressed a whole lot in the second episode. Maybe we'll see some action next week. Cheers, and happy Good Friday.
  7. It's a shame they only have HBO GO in a few select countries. Streaming HD-stuff through VPN-tunnels etc. is not an alternative. Neither is waiting for months while networks battle for broadcasting rights. If a Norwegian HBO GO website aired GoT in top quality - at the same time as it's aired in the US, I'd gladly subscribe. After I started subscribing to Spotify, I never felt the need to dl music.
  8. Kings don't need finesse. Look at Joffrey.. *cough*
  9. Careful, you get piracy warnings if you discuss aired episodes of GoT. Unless you're Gorgon, then you're free to speak about it.
  10. I really want to see some White Walker action now. Some swordfighting. XP-time.
  11. Promising first episode! "The night is dark and full of terrors old man, but the fire burns them all away.." Looking forward to Melisandre weaving her magic. There's something Thulsa Doomish about her. Should've been a double episode. J.
  12. I own a 102 year-old farmhouse in Wisconsin and an 8 year-old Volkswagen. VW was founded by Ferdinand Porsche so maybe that counts. Rich people.. Buying such nice rustic vintage properties for their own leisure! Seriously, I hope you get a good kickstarter project going, so there won't be any more cancellations.
  13. Kickstart these rich developers? I thought they all owned huge mansions in Orange County. I'll kickstart their Porsches by peeing in their gas tanks..
  14. More enhancements to come.. http://twitter.com/#!/TrentOster/status/183164062677475328
  15. Fine fine.. bg2 gui. So what. That shorsword icon looks like it's taken from a Commodore 64 game. ENHANCE ME BABY!
  16. Is that the enhanced version? Looks pretty vanilla BG 1998 to me.. Hopefully there will be some screenshots soon.
  17. BG3 : https://twitter.com/#!/TrentOster/status/180398854049509377 Goodie..
  18. Where does it say it's console? PC primarily.. https://twitter.com/#!/TrentOster/status/180383395937914880 Thank God..
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