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  1. according to that site, we got 20,000 more sales :D that's a pretty good post-second week. still going quite strong. i hope strong sales means obsidian is free from the necessity of kickstarter for pillars 2 and beyond.
  2. Turn down the voice slider in audio menu to zero. Voila
  3. What is the source of those numbers? it matches the profit number given by paradox, but the numbers are just so detailed.
  4. the problem is just how crazy that idiot girl is. she wants to kill all men and put men into concentration camps, pretty much the epitome of sexist and psychotic person. if she isn't so crazy and actually convey her disappointment with a good, civilized way, it wouldn't be so bad. i love the game, but obsidian should not cater to potential murderer.
  5. like quests in act one can be gone after you enter act 2 and quest from act 2 are blocked after you get to act 3 and so on?
  6. is this just role playing thing or keeping prisoners instead of killing them have some cons or pros? like Nyrid the svev dealer. what happened if i release him from the prison?
  7. i looked the frontpage and it looks like B quality tabloid lol
  8. i hope the series can grow without the help of kickstarter and even more successful that obsidian can establish several other new ip ( obsidian space sci-fi series anyone? or another vampire game? )
  9. considering bioware , obsidian. black isle and interplay used to work together. thant's a nice gesture
  10. could they be used to be an ordinary kith soul, had an awakening, but does not go crazy, even after that, they somehow retains all memories, knowledge and experience. those means quality soul, quality soul = magic strength, and they gain powers so immense after thousands of lifetime retaining memories and do not go crazy. it's like they reache level 10 in first life, and born as level 10 baby, as they live, they get to level 20 then start as levle 20 baby again, repeat till gain godly powers. this transpired from a book about abydon i think and durance's explanation how abydon used to be mortal, but skillful animancer and bound his soul to an automaton. durance consider him lesser god if a god at all, but what if most if not all deities are like this
  11. triple crown, no rest for the pro, zero knockout. like maybe only 1 person can achieve those lol
  12. with the time nearing 24 hours of it's release, the recorded player peak so far are more than 30,000 people!! https://steamdb.info/app/291650/graphs/
  13. the game is literally the definition of perfection. you guys deserved it. i hope it sells well for months and years to come. you guys need some rest, then getting ready for the sequel XD thank you obsidian and whole team!
  14. eh, nevermind, i tweaked color setting in Nvidia control panel, and it is fine now. it seems my screen's cotnrast and vibrance are too low. it's awesome now
  15. i am on tutorial level, and both the camp map and first cave map is just too dim, i can barely see anything on it. is there any way to lighten the map? i have my gamma cranked up to full. here's a shot of what my map looks like: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/528385406417270664/11C07299A102C76D7D9FBD2CC9D95B58812350DB/ the overworld is just fine, but somehow the map looks so dark. is it intentional? setting? or my monitor?
  16. it's not really a big deal, but a mini map would be nice instead of opening map page everytime i wanna go somewhere
  17. All hail Godsidian!! All "obsidian make bugy games doubters shall burn and we shall eat their souls!!"
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