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  1. You're right, doesn't need music either. Or ambient noise. you must be illiterate or something
  2. the best thing about DA:O is how detailed you can set ally AI is. in easy or normal, with right setting in each battle, the game basically plays itself
  3. All adra machinery also accompanied by coppers. That mean something? Or it is just to conduct electricity to the adra?
  4. I dunno, but they grow. That is something. The implication also suggest they are alive, like plant.
  5. from what i have gathered, it seems like crystalized essence/or souls. essence that do not go to living creature, it is absorbed by the planet itself somehow, thus growing naturally like plants. it also kind of a natural "battery" for essence, and people use it to power soul related stuff, even help to prevent undead deterioration like flesh does. (based on the fampyr on level 8 od nua) also, it seems they stem from the center of the planet somehow. like od nua said, that the giant statue was " severed " from the veins of the world and it's near limitless energy is not limitless anymore thus it become precious resource that the od nua dweller fight for (mainly the undead and adra beetle) we also know that it can "absorb" souls, which is pretty much what adra dragon is. so yeah, thoughts?
  6. i have 0 survival, and need to crank my survival up to 4 points for the bird eating quest in oldsong, any items and best sleeping place to increase survival? i cannot craft items that give skill, only stats
  7. 4/5 there some flaw like some iseless loot, and pacing, but overall awesome game
  8. same here specs : GTX 760 i5 4670 3.4 Ghz 8 GB RAM windows 7 steam version with 1.04 installed resolution 1366x768 me too here. also using NVIDIA's latest Driver.
  9. haha, when i read durance's and grieving mother's story, i just know it is avellone's writing. he really love his grey morals, grief, action and consequences, both dark and bright site of humanity, regret, nihilism, etc. if you look at avellone's crafted characters, they just have this similar melancholic, underlying theme to them. usually about mistakes of the past, redemption or wallowing in self pity. some example, ravel puzzlewell, kreia, joshua graham, the founder, durance, grieving mother, etc.
  10. is it the enemy with level / stat drain ability? i friggin hate those friggin mobs. in BG 2 restoration spell and scrolls are super common, but in BG 1 there is only minor restoration which doesn't work for those stat drain, so i have to backtrack my way to priests
  11. I want eder's brother side novel. Or comics. Focusing the events of waiwen's rise till the godhammer
  12. other than big head modes, yes? ... is likely a good thing that they don't try more humor. some folks simple don't have a knack for funny in writing. am recalling a interview we read o elmore leonard speaking o' his influences. according to leonard, hemingway made writing look easy and getting into mood to write westerns were easy after reading passages from for whom the bell tolls. sadly, leonard realized that hemingway had no demonstrable sense o' humor in his writing and so he needed a new spirit guide as there were things leonard wished to say that were amusing or quixotic or whatever. am thinking that if the obsidians could be as unfunny as hemingway, it wouldn't be a bad thing. 'course lack o' humor don't result in increased writing talent. *shrug* for popular entertainment that spans tens o' hours, humor is something one should try and cultivate. keep reader or player on edge for +40 hours? am not saying that obsidian don't have such humor in their games, but as mc noted, obsidian humor is tending to be low-key or noticeably infrequent. that being said, we enjoyed morte as a humors jnpc. is perhaps a bit cliché, but the sad clown can be more tragic than a similarly preternatural serious character. morte were a good example o' black isle humor done well. side note: in retrospect, am thinking the voice acting actual helped morte considerable. authors can be funny, but if you have a voice-over, the actor better be good. if tiger woods had delivered morte lines, am doubting we woulda' seen the funny. HA! Good Fun! it's not like they don't have knack for humor, i laughed in this game almost as many as monkey island games / sam and max games. it's just isn't in your face "COMEDY LOLOLOL" they do it subtly, and a good attempt at that. i enjoy both witty and dark humor like this as well as crazy-over the top in your face like saints row. anything to get me lauhing
  13. i LOVE eora, but aside from dyrwood, we haven;t had the chance to go into the details of other regions, and aside from sequel games, what can be done to expand the lore of eora? tabletop games? comics or novel/novellas?
  14. yeah, the d3d11 ruined the map for me, but other than that it doesn't run too differently. only more vibrant colors and contrast shades
  15. Oh please, stop thinking that Pillars will sell "a million" . What means it anyway? If the number of sold copies will raise significantly in the future then because of 60 oer 80% sales. The mayor turnover already happened, the important sale time is over. Obsidian made about 10 Million $, i thinks thats ok for an extremly niche game like Pillars. Relative high sale numbers like LoG 1 or D:OS where exceptionsm, there is a reason why the "cRPG" grenre is dead and crowdfuning was needed. This kind of gamers are now the main clientele for rpg´s : aaand here we go again. but it's really not about controller vs kb+m, it's about attention span. don't generalize people like this. i am pretty much in the same age as them currently, but i do take my reading well. in fact, i'm probably the only one out of thousands that reads the golden plated NPC, because some of them are genuinely interesting, some made me smile, some are heartbreaking. i like them, altho there are several that's badly written.
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