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  1. so far in my cRPG experience (planescape torment, baldur's gate 1,2, neverwinter nights 1/2/motb ), properly leveled, pure magic users outclass melee and rogue build. they can support, heal, and launch a barrage of god-level attack. even with slow agility, low endurance, a simple haste and armor spell can make them decent in surviving, maybe not tanking like warriors or paladins, but you can take some hits at least. with high-leveled armor / haste spell, you're practically untouchable, then there's summon, morphing, time-manipulation,etc etc. after playing mage in baldur's gate 2 i can't go back to being a puny warrior or rogue. in most of those games, my strategy is basic lure to tank/rogue with backstab, the rest of the mages heal and burn.
  2. this is the time that i wish i don't have work and college and freezing chamber exist
  3. choices choices XD btw since steam is using my local currency, the full price of this game is USD 23 for me. (transferred from 299,000 IDR) and that's alot cheaper than gog.
  4. imho, realism isn't important in most videogames. it is consistency and the sense they put in the world. if you have a fantasy or scifi world, you have to put a variable or 2 that makes the world makes sense. look at mass effect, dragon age, elder scrolls. there are alot of un-realism in those series, but the way they explained how some unnatural objects and forces can exist, like the discovery of element zero and mass relays, because of the imperium magisters, old elven phanteon, the old gods, and the fade, because of how mundus relationship with aetherius and all the aedra/daedra. they aren't realistic, but at the very least they give a reason why we can believe that particular fictional world can run like that, why blue alien chicks can control gravity, why demons and darkspawn exist, why people are casually flinging fireballs at each other.
  5. it would be cool, but i really see no need for variable weather system for games like this. if they have time/cash to do it, it'd be welcome tho
  6. wow reading that was so painful. it shows just how much research and experience that guy has lol
  7. if we're going t have D&D alignment, i prefer that we can have a part developing the companions, like in BG2, viconia can turn from evil to neutral, etc, etc
  8. wolfenstein: the new order is like 48 GB and took me 40 hours to download >__>
  9. sorry looks like i just embarrassed myself in front of everyone >_> and yeah, i have faith in obsidian, plus unlike other publisher-developer relationship, the fund of the development doesn't come from paradox and they don't have any control over the content, unlike say, parasitic relationship between blood sucking EA and poor dying bioware the expansion pack at the very best will be like shivering island, all new vegas DLC, throne of bhaal, or even the best one, mask of the betrayer, at the very least tales of the sword coast thingy.
  10. umm everyone knows that red boot DLC is just a joke right? when you click it, the game literally say "you didn't really think we would put DLC in wasteland 2 right?" the the ok option is basically "of course not" it's kinda inexile mocking AAA publisher with their DLC practices
  11. no it's the right one. the promoted speed is 5 megabit (with lower case Mb) and downloads usually use Bytes (with upper case B, like MB). 5 Mbps translate to 625KBPS, which is pretty much my usual peak download without browsing. https://www.google.com/search?q=5megabit+to+kilobytes&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 when browsing stuff like forums, imgur, facebook, depend on the page load size it can go down, so i put average 500 KBps
  12. since the beta is out there for months, i think there should be some good page that explain the basic mechanics like stats, skills, etc.
  13. heh, too bad. 25 GB is quite big tho. wasteland 2 took all night to download, it's about the same size
  14. i have slow internet (about 5MbPS, which transfer to 500~KBPS in download) and the game is about 25GB which will take >15 hours to download. i hope we can download the files several days before release so i can play right after the game unlocks. i just pre ordered the hero edition (that's all i can afford right now )
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