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  1. when do you think are they gonan show boyarsky/tim cain secret project?
  2. i miss flash sales already :<
  3. the setting kinda reminds me of the black company
  4. starting black mirror 1, credits to our generous user, shady sands who gifted me the whole trilogy
  5. i'm just about to start after i finished some little work.
  6. Hopefully it will have better development and final execution than the previous Call of Cthulhu, botched by Bethesda. i love styx: masters of shadows, even with all of it's flaws. it got great core play and solid level design. shards of darkness looks like it got better production value and time, which is the source of problem with the first one
  7. i have faith in this tbh. plus they notched the battle up too. like grids and positioning that remind me of radiant historia, or one HoMM game. i was worried too it wasnt developed by obsidian would make the gameplay worse, but i think it is in a good hands
  8. but at least they switched it. unity 4 was HORRIBLE. games with unity 5 run so much better and it looked better too
  9. fellow blood and wine player here. i trust it is money well spent. i doubt it first to spend damn 20 bucks on a DLC, but after 5 hours playing, no ragrets so far
  10. this is the announcement trailer for civ vi for those who just want to see it :
  11. So this game i noticed on GDC, looks amazing. The game is Called The Long Journey Home Here is the story premise: Humans attempted FTL travel for the first time, you are a captain of a ship of 4 crews. Things goes wrong and you are stranded in a wrong part of the galaxy. You must lead your ship back home to earth. Features: -rogue lite, procedurically generated galaxy. -scripted story, quests, characters, handcrafted alien races and interaction and dialogue -manage your resources and crews, deal with aliens to trade. They can be friendly, hostile, trying to con you, or ask for hour help. -the goal is to reach back to earth more detail of the crew members At the beginning you pick 4 out of 10 party members available. These 4 will be with you in the whole single playtrough Each character has their own personality and skills, which will determine how you will tackle quest and gather reosources. For example, you find an old alien relic. Certain character have the ability to dechiper it, and get the artifact. If you dont have that character, you got to find a planet, ship, trader, anyone that have the knowledge to dechiper it. World and aliens: The planets, locations, and stuff will be procedurically generated. From rocky earth like planet to gas giants There will be quite alot of alien races, each are scripted, and react according to your choices. There is a reputation system in the game too. Doing a favor for someone will upset their enemies and turn then hostile. However it is likely you wont meet all races in 1 playtrough. Multiple playtroughs are super reccomended. To add to that, with each playtrough you will learn how to deal with those aliens, therefore forging better alliances and making then more eagee to help you. Or try to befriend your enemies in previous run.(pretty mich each playtrough will add your meta knowledge) Story and quests: -the big main story is pretty much finding your way home to earth -in some smaller, detailed scale, you will interact with other space faring races, like said before, decision will affect reputation and help you make friends and enemies. -for example, you found an abandoned ship with a single survivor. He claim to be an ambassador caught in a accident and stranded to dead. He clain if you take him aboard and return hin to his home planet, he will give you a handsome reward. Going to his system, you are intercepted by a strange, hostile vessel. The comm device connected, and another alien race appear. He claim the "ambassador" you saved is a notorious con-man wanted in that system You have the choice to trust the ambassador and keep him home, or trust the bounty hunters and give him away for some reward. Either way, the decision you make will affect reputation to said faction. There is supposed to be a big, over arching mystery in the galaxy too, but since you cant get all content in 1 playtrough, you have to put the puzzle piece by piece in each run Gameplay and system Ship management is pretty much FTL like. You manage fuel, supply, money etc The crew will also react to your decision, they will hsve their own opinions. If you help a shady alien they dont like, they will grow to dislike you. They can get terrified, it seems morale management is in there too. The gameplay is your ship traversin trough the galaxy. The movement and view is kinda similar to mass effect 2 galaxy map mode, except more in depth. You can conserve energy by relying on a planet's gravity to fling your ship into a certain direction (like how gravity slingshot works in real life with space crafts) or you can go on full engine to navigate. It is faster and more accurate, but waste precious fuel. It seems you can land on every planet, and not every one is habitable. You cant go on foot, instead you travel with smaller, secondary ship in your main one There is also space combat, but it isnt clear yet of how it works Here is some videos: Gameplay: https://youtu.be/j1JpsmAKHHM https://youtu.be/aiVxKnjykYk Interview with dev:https://youtu.be/JgwFSQH3xdY Steam page:http://store.steampowered.com/app/366910/ Platform: pc, mac, linux,ps4, xone Estimated release: fall 2016. This feels like no man's sky, with more point to its existence and FTL management
  12. this game looks cool, played the demo and pretty impressed: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1892480689/insomnia-pc-max-linux here is my impression of it: direct link to demo: http://insomnia-project.com/demo/
  13. Jeff Vogel finally releasing avadon 3 trailer:
  14. see, codex still cares XD the news page got 7 times the page this one has http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/the-new-obsidian-josh-sawyer-promoted-to-studio-design-director-role.108261/page-7
  15. Not really. The majority of the people there don't care enough about Obsidian these days for that to happen. really? tyranny topic is like hundreds of pages there XD that josh sawyer interview got dozens of pages too. even 80% of those posts are flame or hate stuff, they still care enough to talk alot of obsidian lol
  16. it is pretty dark and gorey in description. while the graphics itself can be zoomed out to see less detail, but some illustrations and text can be pretty explicit, some describe deaths in quite a gruesome way, and dark situation all around. some are optional, but there's one that stick out, mandatory and in the beginning of the game.
  17. yes yes yes :D now i am even more excited if obsidian make new World of Darkness game
  18. doing my second run of divinity: original sin, and palying trough metro: last light
  19. MOBA, MMO, and all those online fanchy smanchy has ruined RTS. blizzard was one of the best RTS developer out there, great mechanics, strong campaign with one of the best writing in the industry, it's now this repetitive online ****
  20. the sad thing is other devs and publisher will see "lol D&D games aren't profitable, just shelf the franchise in a smelly closet forever" instead of actually thinking bad games won't sell. seems like nSpace bites more they can chew
  21. this looks good, and the no dialogue thing seems to emulate something like shadows of the colossus, even tho sotc has little dialogue in gibberish
  22. more collecting pointless shards, constellation, etc! except now you're in space! yaaay!
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