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  1. Haven't played Gothic 2 yet (although I hopefully will find time when NOTR comes out). But Gothic was probably, considering it was a first effrt from a small dev house, the best CRPG of the past 5 years. By some way.
  2. Don't mind the four major archetypes in DnD: Warror, rogue, healer, mage. They serve a purpose and in an system like 3E are flexible enough. I don't really like the inbetween classes - ranger, bard, paladin, sorceror, druid, barbarian, monk. None of them really serves a purpose that couldn't be achieved with a wider range of feat or skill choices, or alternatively (if you prefer it) through PrC. They seem to constrain and limit more than they enable.
  3. Hmmm NWN, OC is dreadful, especially considering the AAA nature of its development; SOU is better, if only in being mercifully shorter; HOTU is pretty OK, but only really shines in comparison. After that I stopped playing NWN. About a year and a bit later I decided to give some of the mods a go. I was pleasantly suprised, some of them are really good. I honestly think excrucio eternum is one of the best CRPGs I have played for ages. Others are interesting and enjoyable to play. I dunno about challenging, 'cos thats not really my thing, but I am sure there are mods out there which are virtually impossible. I think Bio really fell down on the OCs, but overall they made a very powerful piece of software.
  4. Switch to Economics, the maths is easy and the pay is good.
  5. Except of course George didn't make Episode V and VI...
  6. I reckon they all had some huge reefers, put on Bob Marley and decided they wanted a character who was 'Sion like the Lion in Zion'. Either that or random name generator.
  7. Woman: I've been without the force for 3 days since the storms Man with hat: We'll reconnect you as soon as we can.
  8. Erm... whats Episode 3 going to be called, how bad is it going to be?
  9. Yeah I noticed that as well, odd considering Bioware has pretty good name recognition, so you'd think they'd want to name check them or at least say 'using the award-winning engine developed by Bioware'. Perhaps Obsidan are just paying upfront for the use of the engine and thats it?
  10. Isn't Calimari something you eat ? Like with 8 or 10 arms ??? That's Calamari, which is italian for shrimps... no it's not, it's Italian for squids I'm pretty sure its Greek for squid.
  11. I really liked the Thin Red Line, one of the best shot films I've ever seen. As for worst I dunno, although Monte's list of Hollywood rewrites of WW2 are all tempting.
  12. After extensive research I have discovered that the sound in Delaware will be something like this.
  13. I did some Hannukah stuff with my girlfriends family this year, but they were pretty half hearted about it. She/we didn't do anything for passover, but then we aren't doing anything for easter either. It was interesting. The best Muslim thing I ever saw was Ramadan, the feasts in the middle of the night. I was at an international college so there were people all over the world sharing food together at 3am. I never took part but it seemed like fun, so if you get the chance thats what I'd do. Strangely I also have an Iranian firend who fled to Germany.
  14. Would've thought you would go for Let's smoke this sith
  15. Sith Lord sounds OK. At least Jedi isn't in the title. Now that would be lame. :ph34r: Thanks, but to be honest I just saw it on another site.
  16. apparently http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=645738
  17. I'm sure Zapatero now wishes he hadn't made the withdrawing troops pledge, but you say silly things in election campaigns you don't expect to win. I'm not sure I really buy the 'victory for terrorism', perhaps I'm wrong but things seem more complicated than that, not that the bombs didn't have a huge impact, but I'm not sure spain suddenly turned into a nation of appeasers. 1) Higher turnout generally favours the left, the bomb led to a higher turnout. The turnout was particularly high in those Madrid suburbs that were affected by the bombings - these areas have historically voted up to 80% for the socialists. 2) Big swing to the left in Catalonia - Azanar had made some inadvisable coments about Catalan nationalism being the same as ETA and criticised some Catalan parties after the bombing for in the past having entered negotiations with ETA, this attempt to tie all the regional movements in Spain in with the March 11th bombings obviously backfired. 3) The PPs leads in the polls were less say than Labour's leads prior to the 1992 general election. Pollsters get it wrong. 4) Domestic issues like the economy weren't really playing for the PP, plus Azanar's standing down but running and fronting the campaign seemed a bit weird. Seems a bit pat for the results to fall into other countries arguments rather than being domestically driven.
  18. I find it hard to believe that it was ETA, if so it was a particularly nihilistic goodbye to the world. I know a little about ETA and the Basques, more about some others. Their whole self-image is about being romantic oppressed little guys, much like the Irish, in their mind the spanish state is little or no better than what it was under Franco (who they never stopped fighting after his victory in 1939). This bombing would just shatter all that apart. They still blame their previous worst atrocity (which killed 20?) on the police not evacuating the site quickly enough after a warning being given. They are secular nationalists, with political aims, who rely largely on the support of farmers in both the french and spanish basque country and a few wealthy ex-pats. This bombing would make no sense in furthering any of their goals whatsoever, would cost them huge amounts of support and even more funding. I just can't see it, blaming it on ETA may have suited Azanar at the time but I find it incredulous, the only thing that would persuade me is if warnings were given and the aim was to shut down the rail system and not actually kill many, but as far as I know none were.
  19. For some reason I have the feeling Final Fantasy have done this even though they haven't. Perhaps all their characters just seem like school stereotypes?
  20. I bought a similar top-of-the-line computer about 2 years ago. From my experience then I would say that custom build is the way forward, and that the alienware deal looks nice but that you are paying a hefty premium for a (an?) l337 image. If I remember from the Interplay board you travel between the US and the UK and the US is probably cheaper for parts EDIT: And the dollar.... If you are looking in the UK though something like this (http://www.bluewatercomputers.co.uk/) looks ok. I see nothing wrong with AMD from my use of them and they are about 1/3 cheaper.
  21. Very similar, although I retain a nostalgic regard for some of the rock music i listenned to as a kid like the Afghan Whigs, Screaming Trees, Uncle Tupelo. Oh and pretty much anything with Luke Haines involved.
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