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  1. Haven't played Gothic 2 yet (although I hopefully will find time when NOTR comes out). But Gothic was probably, considering it was a first effrt from a small dev house, the best CRPG of the past 5 years. By some way.
  2. Don't mind the four major archetypes in DnD: Warror, rogue, healer, mage. They serve a purpose and in an system like 3E are flexible enough. I don't really like the inbetween classes - ranger, bard, paladin, sorceror, druid, barbarian, monk. None of them really serves a purpose that couldn't be achieved with a wider range of feat or skill choices, or alternatively (if you prefer it) through PrC. They seem to constrain and limit more than they enable.
  3. Hmmm NWN, OC is dreadful, especially considering the AAA nature of its development; SOU is better, if only in being mercifully shorter; HOTU is pretty OK, but only really shines in comparison. After that I stopped playing NWN. About a year and a bit later I decided to give some of the mods a go. I was pleasantly suprised, some of them are really good. I honestly think excrucio eternum is one of the best CRPGs I have played for ages. Others are interesting and enjoyable to play. I dunno about challenging, 'cos thats not really my thing, but I am sure there are mods out there which are virtually impossible. I think Bio really fell down on the OCs, but overall they made a very powerful piece of software.
  4. Switch to Economics, the maths is easy and the pay is good.
  5. Except of course George didn't make Episode V and VI...
  6. I reckon they all had some huge reefers, put on Bob Marley and decided they wanted a character who was 'Sion like the Lion in Zion'. Either that or random name generator.
  7. Woman: I've been without the force for 3 days since the storms Man with hat: We'll reconnect you as soon as we can.
  8. Erm... whats Episode 3 going to be called, how bad is it going to be?
  9. Yeah I noticed that as well, odd considering Bioware has pretty good name recognition, so you'd think they'd want to name check them or at least say 'using the award-winning engine developed by Bioware'. Perhaps Obsidan are just paying upfront for the use of the engine and thats it?
  10. Isn't Calimari something you eat ? Like with 8 or 10 arms ??? That's Calamari, which is italian for shrimps... no it's not, it's Italian for squids I'm pretty sure its Greek for squid.
  11. I really liked the Thin Red Line, one of the best shot films I've ever seen. As for worst I dunno, although Monte's list of Hollywood rewrites of WW2 are all tempting.
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