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  1. If you attached it to a blade and stabbed it into a monster then pressed the button it could have some fun consequences when they try and chase you.
  2. Andy will get you :D There are some great fan campaigns for Warcraft 2.
  3. Bah Chris Rock isn't all that funny. He's just a rascist relying on tired old techniques in order to make funny.
  4. What about stills from certain games? I quite like the portraits from IE games, they seem well done as a whole.
  5. Unfinished Bussiness, banterpacks, rogue rebalance, improved thief guild hall all for BG2
  6. Fallout 1 (Pc) Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast (PC) Warcraft (PC) Warcraft 2 (PC) Fallout 2 (PC) Baldur's Gate 2 (PC) Icewind Dale 1(PC) Icewind Dale II (PC) It
  7. nuklearpower Deskslave Userfriendly Ctrlaltdel
  8. Everything about this game seems fairly cliche but from what I can see it seems like it could be fairly good. Not exactly genre defining but an enjoyable play.
  9. Sometimes you see stills in a game and you just are like woah now I wish I had artistic talent, what are some of these games and where do they feature? Okay I know it's not an RPG but the black and white pictures in the campaign descriptions were always really cool.
  10. Ashford city is populated by lots of smart people.
  11. I liked the beginning to super nintendo shadowrun and the sega megadrive one was pretty good too. Your bro was killed in the megadrive one and your out to find who it is. In the nintendo you've just been geeked by a gang and you wake up in a morgue wondering what the hell was going on. I think you should be able to pick your beginning by picking your past. Say you pick that your bro was killed by brigands you will start off with his powerful friend showing you the ropes as he pities you etc etc.
  12. I went to the board options then changed the clock thing to +9.30 then clicked on change. Then a board came up that this doesn't work it's being treated as a hacking attempt and such and such.
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