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  1. Hi Obsids peeps. Let me get straight to the question, how come you haven't been able to replicate Planescape Torment? (I realize that was Black Isle but I think Obsidian is the spiritual successor to Black Isle and shares some of the same staff) I assume this question has been asked more than a few times before, but I was just thinking about the game the other day and thinking I haven't really played a game that comes close. I was thinking about tormented heroes I think. What I liked most about the game is how deeply it made you feel real emotions. I felt deep sadness at points during
  2. planescape. i liked how they had themes for different central characters.
  3. mostly only water. on occasions juice or any non-cola carbonated drink.
  4. i suggest posting question on nwn1 board. i know there's a way as ive done it. but im not sure how. i think theres a line in a config file you set to 0 or something like that.
  5. i reckon good luck, enthusiasm & ambition are just about the most important skills to have - so there's a head start. i don't understand why some people are such condescending rude bastards.
  6. hungry


    what a broad question. i like russian accents. i like russian names and the words commie and comrade inspired by russia(ns). classical russian music is awesome also - khachaturian is my favourite classical composer. often at sporting events etc i barrack for russia as a second team. but really i've never been to russia. what if its full of gangsters and commies? (commies i can stomach but i don't like 2-bit hoodlums) i would say i like russia but really i know very little of russia so what i like is the paper fantasy russia i have in my head.
  7. maybe so. but planescape was made under those conditions. im sure you get used to the whips and other torture implements after a while. so it can't be all bad can it? maybe even a little bit good? an invigorating reminder to get back to work and stop playing with your he-men and transformers.
  8. programmers like adding new features instead of debugging so im sure we can tempt and tantalize them with our cunning ideas. assuming the programmers have any say in the matter. perhaps they're all ankle-chained to the wall in the hold of the obsidian galley. every couple of hours captain feargus comes down and whips one on his way to the coffee machine.
  9. obviously pc gamers are just far too 'mature' for that sort of thing. unlockable secrets are fun. they can give you something extra to aim for when you've already finished the game. they needn't be a cover up for lack of effort elsewhere. besides im sure that sort of mummery wouldn't affect us. i'd see right through it with my super x-ray visiion. also each one is a surpising mystery inside a conundrum. they're simply marvellous.
  10. will there be a bestiary in this game which contains monsters/critters you come across along with a picture and short maybe humorous description? i think there should be. im a great fan of many features in pst - and this is another thing that planescape did right which i haven't seen in many rpg games since. of course i meant.. beastiery. or even beastiary im sure one of the three is vaguely correct.
  11. i quite liked this idea even if no-one else seemed to. although im a little dubious about some of the example humour lines you gifted this evil black nemesis-bot with. 1-liner comedy characters tend to annoy me. i think this bot should actually be the ultimate baddie. or his evil little sidekick. a droid baddie could make for an interesting change. and i guess he'd also be immune to jedi mind-mummery since he's all robotic like.
  12. just now ive decided that saberwhips are awesome. i think it's a case of an idea that is so spectacularly bad it goes right out one end of the good/bad spectrum and in at the other. plus it would be amusing to watch anyone who uses it cut themselves to bits. an incompetent baddie should have one and then procede to slice and dice themselves in front of you for your amusement. it could be like the black knight in the holy grail. not that im advocating monty python easter eggs.
  13. yes there will be romances but no gay romances. at least not intentially. i doubt george lucas would approve. besides i don't approve. why do we need gay romances? actually why do we really need any romances? i didn't know hacking through endless waves of baddies was so romantic.
  14. what a gay idea. not at all in keeping with the star wars universe.
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