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  1. pfft to the people who say they are done with PC games. yeah watever. ill continue getting them. the Future is INDIE DEVELOPERS!. kotor 2 beaten. now lock in storage for many years to come.
  2. that really sucks. i stopped playing it the week it came out cause i have already beaten it :/. dont feel like doing it over again as evil. bugs? wat bugs? except the movement bug
  3. im pretty sure watever they doing is important (not really). and im pretty sure they're partying their asses off
  4. why not just boycott games then? or start a protest at their headquarters. i might never buy certain games from certain companies. Bliizzard can always be counted on :D.
  5. i am morally outraged. I wonder if they even care about PC Gamers. They probably care more about the Consolers. *sigh*
  6. it happens. i rebooted computer 4 times in one day
  7. lol frys had this game for 37 dollars on sale :D
  8. dont forget movement bugs in the mining tunnels for people running low end comp but that isnt the case
  9. yeah im getting same problems in mining tunnels. i have a 1.6 ghz P4, Ati Radeon 9200 (updating drivers will mess up other games so i wont update) Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS, 768 Ram. Im not gonna play KOTOR II until there is a patch fixed
  10. Yep same problem except its during noncombat. pressing every movement key
  11. i have been around since 8-February 04 and i barely posted much. guess too busy with other forums like Star trek :D
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