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  1. I don't know about the slapping due Atton. The Exile has more likely killed more Jedi than Atton--Mass Shadow Generator. And those were good guys/same side and not just enemies (Mandalorians) and/nor corrupted (or corrupting) Jedi. But as always, excellent and very inspiring work!
  2. Because this game is (Jedi) Knights of the Old Republic. If you want a story more focused on non-Jedi or more accurately, non-Force Sensitives, play Republic Commando or BattleFront, etc. If you're familiar with Anime, it's like the world of Bubblegum Crisis. The BGC girls kick butt with their high-tech power suits and all compared to the A.D. Police and their power armor and weaponry. But if you watch A.D. Police, where there's hardly any mention of the BGC girls, the A.D Police troops look like they kick butt like it's nobody's business and they've got the top-of-the-line gov't-issued
  3. Yes. I probably wouldn't even have waited for Revan. Contrary to the Jedi Teachings, I believe "peacekeepers" is not the same as "pacifists". And Jedi are Keepers of the Peace.
  4. It's the biggest bug of the game. You HAVE to delete all your savegames because they've now become corrupted and restart from the point where the exile emerges from the kolto tank in the Peragus Facility. Naw... just reload a savegame closest to that point where you are now.
  5. One of the reasons Jedi Order = nuts. Peacekeepers <> pacifists
  6. That's different. The initial poster is referring to the sparring matches against the Handmaidens which you can opt to engage in the first time you are at the Telos Jedi Academy.
  7. Obsidian Forum Community > Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords > Technical Support (Self-Help) - KotOR2 > stuck on telos academy, cant get out
  8. The Force flows naturally very strongly through Revan. "Revan was... POWER!", per Kreia. Coupled with his intelligence and wit and battlefield knowledge...
  9. "The True Sith died out several millenia ago. The present Sith are followers of an ideal."
  10. In its currently glitched state, the most you can do to "complete" it is to (1) get the Fuel Source quest from Dol Grenn on Citadel Station, (2) talk to Vogga and get him to say he's got fuel on Sleheyron but Goto's being a pain and keeps jacking his freighters, (3) continue the Main Quest on Nar Shaddaa and (4) after blowing up Goto's Yacht, tell Vogga that Goto won't be a problem for him anymore then Vogga will say he'll send his fuel ships to Citadel Station and asks you to be the one to inform the Telosians (but this is the part the bug prevents you from doing). Otherwise, the Fuel Source
  11. Video clip made by a member of another forum I'm also a member of. Club3G.com/Club3G Forums/Visualization/Audio, Video and Photography/Backyard Jedi I found it good and funny and I hope you enjoy it too.
  12. With a Repair skill of 20, creating and breaking down upgrade parts costs the same number of components.
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. As long as you have less than, what, 10 or 11 spikes in your inventory, he'll make spikes. :D
  14. In KotOR1, you eventually unlock HK-47's stories of his previous masters which are hillarious! In KotOR2, you gradually increase some of T3-M4's statistics and gain influence with the little guy. Also, you can opt to use parts (which are abundant) rather than spikes (which are scarce but are also creatable at a workbench) when hacking into systems.
  15. That was one of the better comebacks, "Maybe you should play Pazaak instead."
  16. I'm in awe. (w00t) Specially with your "very cheeky" Mira drawing.
  17. I would love to be Atton in that pic. Very nice!
  18. Was there another Visas-Brianna scene other than the one where they just sparred (then they end up talking about the Exile)?
  19. You can and it's okay, but not significantly more.
  20. Thanks much for the critique and compliments. I was working on my Mira sketch last Tuesday, using my Visas sketch for some referrence, I realized that the proportions of my Visas sketch are waaay off. Put the Mira sketch on hold and the Visas one back on my clipboard for "patching". Almost started erasing but decided that it would be easier (and much less painful ) to just re-sketch on a clean sheet and use the original one for referrence. Here's the result. I plan to do the details of the edges of her veil when I learn what and how to draw it. :D Same pose but... hope you
  21. I don't like it... simply because I don't like seeing our heroes messed up. But the art itself is very nicely done. I like your Yuthura Ban BTW. :D
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