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  1. I kept waiting for a scene where Atris would stop complaining about how "'the Exile betrayed her..." , realize how much she felt/feels for him, that his actions then were 'right', or at least see what he is doing now to correct the situation and actually help. A romance sub-plot with her doesn't sound like a bad idea anyway. Kreia actually had to tell her bluntly. Would have been really nice to see her in combat as a party member, or at least in a cutscene. Atris as a character, I found, interesting. On another note, plot revealing Atris as Sith, or at least somewhat corrupte
  2. On a side note, it was really nice seeing Bastila again. Odd that at that point, the Exile knows Bastila. But when T3-M4 plays the holovid for him, he asks, "friend of yours?". Granted, the Exile may know 'of' Bastila and just curious if she and T3 were 'friends'. But the wording and mood just tends towards a bit of inconsistency. *shrug*
  3. There are a lot of KotOR2 pics with Atris versus Darth Nihilus, even on the cover of the KotOR2 box, versus a Sith Assassin. I've finished the game as a Jedi Sentinel(15)/Watchman(15) and the only times I've seen Atris fight were (1) versus Jedi Brianna in the Telos Academy hall and (2) versus the Exile in the same main hall and (2.5) a continuation in her Meditation Chamber. Does Atris have any (more) duels/fights if the Exile is played as Dark Side? (Does Atris have any (more) duels/fights which were cut from the final game release?) :ph34r:
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