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  1. I like your Mission Vao. Very cute! I agree. And DiamondRose, your art style seems different and distinct from whomever people are comparing to. Apples and oranges. It's all about personal preferrences.
  2. Same here. I found out I *had* to choose, "Who are you?" then "Very well. I did not come here to do battle." for it to proceed as it should. And this occured post-update. Never had that problem before. And the Handmaidens would walk across the room, disappear and reappear where they were originally, then walk across the room again. Wierd.
  3. Atris would duel with Nihilus... says the box art. Kidding aside, wasn't it that she wanted the 'Force' to "die"? As from her perspective, Force users are granted an illusion of being able to manipulate events but looking at the whole picture, everything proceeds according to the "will of the Force". Making Force-users, slaves of the Force. So either killing herself and/or the Exile (because of his innate ability of absorbing Force powers(?)) would be the resolution she is maneouvering to achieve?
  4. I thought it was just in my game. Annoying indeed. In my experience, that glitch is only when the cyan crystal is in a single-bladed lightsaber. Works fine in a double-bladed. Haven't tried in a short lightsaber yet though.
  5. What do you mean? Even in KotOR1, my LS Revan's Constitution was 8. Never had a problem.
  6. A commander with soldiers and weapons at his/her disposal can simply order, "shoot that". That was simply my point. Nothing more. Revan's power is not the issue, but his tactical brilliance in warfare. (And apparently, politics-- the assassination of the Echani General, Yusanis. But this is veering off-point.) In conversation with G0-T0, it said that Revan would leave key installations intact while Malak brainlessly crushed everything in his path. And would rather Revan as Sith Lord than Malak. In both KotOR1 and KotOR2, Revan had indirectly received praises for his cleve
  7. Hmmm... I guess I should try playing as a female Exile next.... :D "Thank you for the polite bow. You must be a gentleman."
  8. No, she's really a very ambitious and selfish person. She's not that interesting a character anyway. Besides, why would you want to spare her? (1) She lied to you about the Ebon Hawk, and (2) she used you to kill her boss, risking your life and the lives of your companions.
  9. There are really great implants in the game. Sucks that my Exile can't use any, as I left his Constitution at 8. Wish Implants were Feat levels as in KotOR1. But oh well, the game is still enjoyable. :D
  10. Aimo... nice, nice, NICE! (w00t) BTW, I can't justify it at the moment (my brain's not been working right today--lack of sleep ) but I believe Revan and the Exile are of similar age. *shrug* And Bastila would be about 5 to 7 years (at most) younger than Revan.
  11. Kreia was a much better Sith Lord. Malak... eh, any dumb commander can order the obliteration of facilities/installations/cities/worlds. No tactics. When the Sith Fleet was under Revan's command, he didn't have just any world bombed to the Stone Age. Key positions and facilities remain intact but under his command. Kreia = master manipulator.
  12. Try sending a PM to the moderators and/or administrators.
  13. Yup. Actually, none of them are. Not even the Exile. Personally, I wouldn't want to be Jedi either. And in the SW world, you don't have to be Jedi to hear (and use) the Force.
  14. When the patch text file opened after patching, I corrected the spelling of "Batono" and replaced Vash's "him" with "her", then saved it.
  15. Very much appreciate all the compliments and advise. As I currently can't decide on what character (& pose) to try sketching next, I updated my Visas sketch a bit. Changed her Lightsaber from double-bladed to single as I feel is more in-character. Also added a "fold" to her cloak by her right arm. :D I will work on the design of the ends of her veil (which I completely forgot to do).
  16. If your PC is male, Light Side, and has slightly more influence with Visas than Handmaiden, Mira mentions that she thought that "you and Visas hooked up a power coupling" instead of "you and the Handmaiden hooked up a power coupling". Mira pronounces Visas' name, "vee-sas". Prior to that, I always pronounced it as "vye-sas". But oh well, learn something new everyday.
  17. Oh man, drawing hands is a major pain in the neck!!! My first attempts looked like chicken feet!!! And so are the eyes and lips. Oh, the eyes..! :mad: Very frustrating. Good thing Visas has a veil and didn't need to draw eyes.
  18. Thanks much. And yah, I have never known how to draw (nor attempted to) prior to just recently. Currently reading up and trying to figure out fabric details and shading. Thing is, in both books and on the net, different people have their own ideas. I'm confused.
  19. I wouldn't say "SOOO under done". Incomplete, perhaps. I, too, didn't like the Influence System. But it was manageable. I mapped it out a bit to trigger certain conversation changes and cutscenes. Need a base Intelligence of at least 16 to access the holo vid recording in T3-M4. My concern was more on the allies. I wish they'd pick their own targets. With everyone ganging up on one, crowding each other, and watching them try to run around each other to get to the target, was funny at first. Then it just got silly. Apparently that has something to do with th
  20. (w00t) (BTW, "they're"?) Yeah, it kind'a does. Thanks for that. 6-o'clock diet? :D
  21. Sorry about that, it's supposed to be just a long skirt. :D Uploaded a new image.
  22. Just started learning to draw last week. Trying for Anime-style art. I don't know how to shade, nor define fabric folds. :"> (Special thanks to Aimo for her highly inspiring artwork. )
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