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  1. Can we know if part II will be at the end of the main game or in the middle like part I?
  2. From what I read 1.05 will have some balance changes.
  3. I'm glad a forum thread is not representative of the actual world population. With all that manichaean thinking and these over-emotional reactions, the third world war would be real.
  4. You. It's you. You are starting this ****. In every thread. You are not addressing your phantom enemies somewhere off on Twitter. You are ****ing with other fans of this game. You are drawing in ideological concerns where none belong. You are a pain in my ****ing ass. Boo hooo. QQ Seriously though, get real. I didn't bring it up in this thread more than I bring it up in other threads, which is not at all. But I take issue with ignorance wherever it shows it's face or raises it's voice. It seems cancer treatment has quite some unpleasant adverse effects here. I think I'll rather manage with cancer.
  5. The sad part is if Obsidian had stated they had removed that cringe worthy poem because they found it themselves of poor taste, all advocates of "free speech" would just have to shut the hell up. Unfortunately they won't because "mandatory-backer-respect" and all. No backer defined content in your next game Obsidian please.
  6. That trap/lockpick xp is plainly an abomination. As mentioned before it just forces on you an optimal course of action for nonsensical reason. It mades more sense in BG2 because there everything was awarding xp, but in PoE it's just complete nonsense you would gain xp for lockpicking doors you could open with a key while you gain nothing for spotting secrets.
  7. I find it mildly disturbing how in an interview I read one of the devs was so hyped up (I had another less correct term in mind) by that "fantastical addition" that was the stronghold and how when they would make a sequel there was no question there would be the return of a stronghold, if in another shape of form. Should they do so they'd better take account of anything the OP said, because in my opinion it is the more shallow and uninspired feature of the game, even surpassing the rather simplisitic (though functional) crafting system. At the moment that stronghold is a wart of coal on the uncut diamond that is this game.
  8. Might is not strenght though here. It is the ability of your character to make the best use of the tools at his disposal to inflict damages, was it a weapon or a spell. So technically might is more representating of skill than strenght. I'll add dexterity would have been better named as nimbleness, considering it is how fast your character act rather than how precise he is.
  9. Armors require a heavy rework that's for sure, if not something as pestering than favoring one type of defense over others. Switching armor just for the purpose of mitigating more against a specifical type of damage would be the most annoying and out of place thing ever. Running around with 3 sets of armor in your bag is one thing, but changing armor every other encounter? In place I'd prefer armor types to be more specialized towards some actions. Robes not slowing up casting speed, leather armors not slowing ranged weapons attacks, brigandine slowing far less melee attacks than casting speed or ranged weapons attacks, things like that. I agree the trap / lockpick / bestiary xp should go away. It feels out of place and would help a good deal with the too fast leveling. The detection only possible in stealth mode is an awful waste of time, needs to go too. Stronghold is indeed lackluster at the moment. Could be more lively. The Per-Encounter Spell System requires nerfing for sure. The other points are not convincing me as much, as they would tend to replace existing issues by others or are more a matter of personal opinion than a real issue (inventory management, I'm looking at you).
  10. *Insert major praises about the game and minor complaints about the stronghold and the AI* I'm lazy. Cheers for renewing the genre.
  11. Kinda annoying, just stopped reading tombestones after the first message. Not especially in a hurry for a mod removing them but wouldn't mind. As for removing the Kickstarter NPCs... they have loot, so removing them the old fashion way is an appreciable option.
  12. I agree the monk feels lackluster in matter of choices and abilities. Also the barbarian is somewhat boring and not so flexible. The way carnage works you're stuck playing with a 2H or maces if you don't want to gimp your splash damages. And the wizard seems underappreciated, but I never enjoyed playing mages so can't judge myself. I'm quite satisfied with the 8 other classes though.
  13. Agree on that, so far the stronghold is one of the rare points I don't enjoy in the game. Feels forced and gimmicky. It doesn't fit well in RP, and the ressource management part is too superficial too matter. Build a defense building, wait 3 days, rinse and repeat until you move on to reputation buildings. No critical choices, no important decisions. And early on it showers you with annoyances. Got a prisoner? He escapes. Got a visitor? He gives you malus. Get attacked? Don't expect to loot the corpses. Taxes? Get robbed more than you collect.
  14. I didn't even notice my characters were running before I read that thread.
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