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  1. Sometimes if you have Handmaiden and Visas and you have too much influence with Visas, you can never get Handmaiden to talk again. No matter how much influence you gain with her, she never says anything but 'I have nothing to say to you.'
  2. Marry Disciple. I reckon that he's so wide-eyed and naive that he probably wouldn't guess what you were getting up to behind his back anyway... " And he's old-fashioned, so he'd probably take good care of you at least.
  3. Indeed, when replaying Peragus, the whole level can be done really quite quickly - especially if you fast-forward through all the holologs like I do But Taris, there's no easy way round running along those endless corridors.
  4. Well, I was going to write a long reply but I think that kalimeeri put it much more succintly than I would have done! Peragus seems quite long the first time, but when you go back and replay the game I think it is just the right length; not overly long, not really short either. There is an excellent atmosphere perpetuated throughout the level. The HK droid was really very creepy. Having droid opponents felt more appropriate for a low-level character than having to try and fight ridiculously weak non-droid opponents. Kreia and Atton's introductions were very nicely handled, and are very typical of their characters. Taris - in Taris there is just so much pointless running around. The corridors and levels are very long. I realise that you can return to your hideout instantaneously but if you are trying to do all the quests there is still much running around to be done...
  5. If you use one of the other transponder codes, it will still get you there Personally, I like to take Kreia just because she has so many force points, and I us lots of force powers on those droids. Visas would also probably be a good choice, however. I usually take someone with computer/repair skill who can use an ion blaster/rifle.
  6. It is not possible to return to Atris' academy. I'm trying to remember where the chassis can be found. Two parts are on Nar Shaddaa - one can be bought from Kobin, the other T3 picks up when he defeats the HK-50s in Vogga's warehouse (story quest you cannot avoid ) - do you have both of those? No one really makes a better padawan than anyone else. Mira, Bao-Dur and Atton are all equally easy to make into Jedi, if you are playing LS. Gain influence with them. Take Atton to the Refugee sector on Nar Shaddaa and Mira to just outside the Nar Shaddaa cantina, after talking to her on the Ebon Hawk. If you gained too much influence with Visas, then sorry, but Handmaiden won't talk to you any more.
  7. The problem is that there aren't really that many places in the game to gain influence - and because you have so many characters, the chances of having the wrong character in the wrong place at the wrong time is much greater than having the right character. And if you have two people who could potentially gain from a scene, only one of them will. So I guess that they had to make it so that your characters only need 2-3 instances of influence to turn into Jedi/go over to the lightside. I think that there could've probably been more places in which to gain or lose influence.
  8. ...any reason your characters are in underwear? Very, very cool, however. I'll probably take some more as I play the game.
  9. These could be very nicely rendered in photoshop. That is not a reflection of your colouring or inking, however, which is superbly accurate for markers. I also really like the pencils on their own.
  10. He ought to do an X-wing TV series :D
  11. If you're on Dantooine, you can gain influence with Atton by: 1) Using the {aware} line on the man near the Ebon Hawk and then following this up with the {persuade} line. 2) Before you give the atmospheric sensors to the man near the stationary speeder, have Bao-Dur (or yourself) (This requires +5 awareness) open them up to discover what they're really used for. Then tell the man you know what they contain. When he offers 5,000 credits instead, refuse, and accept 3,000. Atton gains influence from this. 3) Don't turn Akkare in when you find his hydrospanner, but instead show compassion. I *think* this gains you influence with Atton. Also, to turn Mira into a Jedi, go back to Nar Shaddaa and run around the main area until you come to near the cantina entrance. She should automatically stop and a conversation should present itself.
  12. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/janson05/kotor3.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/janson05/kotor1.jpg
  13. Atton flirts such a lot in the beginning with a female character, perhaps moreso than any other NPC. But alas, it does not last long...
  14. Two more Bao-Dur... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/janson05/Bao-Dur1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/janson05/Bao-Dur2.jpg
  15. Also, Visas' and Atris' lines are also virtually identical whether used for a male or female PC. A lot of lines I see people on this forum taking to mean that Atris/Visas loves your character...well, playing as a female exile, you get most of them too Handmaiden and Disciple are the only really uniquely gender-dependent characters.
  16. I'm always willing to contribute new screenshots. If anyone wants anything in particular, I'll try and do that.
  17. I have a few I uploaded a few weeks ago to demonstrate the game to a friend. Not very many though, and they're not huge, but they're at least good quality. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/janson05/kotor2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/janson05/atton.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/janson05/mira.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/janson05/bikini.jpg
  18. Those lines, so far as I am aware, are all in the game. There was only one I didn't recognise. For example, the 'I haven't had time to work on you' line was originally said to the remote. The 'this hand isn't just for show' is said on Telos' surface. Etc. The line I didn't recognise was the one said to Atton.
  19. Finding the secret compartment is somehow linked to your abilities or skills - I never did find it with my Guardian, but my Sentinel spotted it straight away, and it never disappeared or anything. My Sentinel had high intelligence/wisdom and lots of skills, however. The other compartment, in the cargo hold where Handmaiden stays, has been removed - when the ship gets repaired on Peragus it is taken away along with everything else in the cargo hold.
  20. Most things are subjective - and it can make for really good discussion, providing you can accept that people are always going to disagree with you :D I personally like sharing opinions and being reminded of good parts I liked, or bits I hated. I have to add, I wish KotOR2 had had some of the great beasts KotOR1 did - the Krayt dragon and the really huge Rancor on Taris were both extremely cool scenes.
  21. Really ? I would have thought that someone who likes romance and story would be all over them. Or is it the having to play a bloke thing? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not at all... The stories I actually enjoy. But I don't like the format of JRPGs - after playing western RPGs for so long, and being a big aficiando of the D20 system, the system of levelling up, the pointless enemies that accost you every 5 seconds, the linearality (is that a word?! - the way that you don't have many options as to where to go, and the story is more like an adventure game, not an RPG) and the ridiculous bosses you face - I just can't get used to it at all. I do enjoy some of the stories/romances that are presented, and I have absolutely no problems playing a male character whatsoever - but I do love the D20 format.
  22. I'm not really fond of JRPGs...so definitely not me. I'd love Obsidian to do KotOR3. And this game is a lot less bugged for me than KotOR1 was ...they might have to work on romances though
  23. Or not...seeing how terrible those books were But yes, you are right.
  24. I must've missed the bit where Malak was considered difficult I seem to remember annihiliating Malak in about five seconds, including at the end (just destroyed droid all the dead jedi he was pulling power from). I found Nihilus no more difficult, but not really any easier either. At least Nihilus had a reason for being weak, and at least Sion had a reason for regenerating health so easily. I think I probably found Kreia the most difficult - or at least, I found those floating lightsabers pretty tough ('pretty tough' as in I did have to run away and heal myself once). But anyway, I agree that it's the story that's important - I certainly have never played RPGs for the combat. Having said that, there was a great feeling of satisfaction to be had defeating dragons in Baldur's Gate. But ultimately, I don't think that Nihilus was any more of a pushover than Malak.
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