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  1. I love playing wizards, but I always disliked the D&D rest mechanic. This is one mechanic I was hoping wouldn't make it into the game. I prefer a mana based system where I can regenerate my mana over time. You could make regen only takes place outside of combat thus still limiting you mage durning an encounter or you could just simply make spell usage per encounter, same thing really. I always felt melee charaters had no limitations and could go on and on with health being their limiting factor and this was a little unfair to caster classes. Perhaps they should expand the fatigue system more to simulate melee needing rest after a strenuous battle.
  2. I love playing my Wizard. Fans of Flames is insanely powerful for a level 1 spell, not to mention slicken. In prior IE games you had to wait until you were level 5 before you mage/wizard felt useful. One cool thing I discovered is you can learn spells from other wizard's grimoires for a cost. So I gave Aloth my grimoire and gave my spells and vice versa. So Aloth handles the CC and I handle the nuking. I wish I had some control of rolling flame that spell is awesome but dangereous kind of like the old IE lightening spell.
  3. That is the number of how many people are playing in game right now on steam. Pillars of Eternity is the ninth most active game being played. I know developers/publishers don't like to disclose sales information but Pillars of eternity must be doing phenomenally well. I hope their success only encourages more developers to create game similar type games but I doubt they could ever come close to matching Obsidian's masterpiece.
  4. If this game retains the awesomeness of my first 18 hrs of play, it will surpass my beloved Baldur's gate 2 as my all time favorite game ever. So far this game has far exceeded my expectations. The writing is fantastic and the combat is rewarding and very gratifying. I am loving every minute of it.
  5. I'm playing on normal, with the exception of the bear I was able to solo with my level 2 wizard. First you throw up arcane veil, when the enemies come at you use the fan of flames, and the two arcane assault. Fans of flames is an awesome spell. It pretty much kills most of the enemies right off or leaves them near dead where you can clean up with arcane assault. The Arcane veil helps avoiding getting interrupted. I had to rest between the wolves and the bandit camp. Not sure I can do it hard mode, maybe with some potions. Wizard/Mage is the class I generally play in all RPGs and so far POE version seems more powerful right off the bat than what I am use too. Wizards are extremely weak at the beginning but build into powerhouses at the end of the journey. It usually at level 5 when Wizard/Mage begins to feel useful. My character stats are M-14, C-11,D-14,P-11,I-18,R-10. Not a min/max build but a well rounded build in my opinion.
  6. That's funny even when I play a fully voiced game I turn on the captioning so I can read while I listen. I love reading.
  7. I used to care about Meta-critic scores but too many people hand out 10s or 0s and most games are not truly perfect or truly horrible. The people who hand out 0s for some lame reason convinced me not to bother with the site anymore. The only valid reason to score a game a zero if it flat out doesn't run due to being a buggy nightmare of a game. I usually go to youtube for reviews and game forums. Like today the positive response on this site overwhelms the very few negative posts.
  8. I have had the exact same thoughts. I too never understood the popularity of Diablo, it was so simple just click click click click until everything was dead and looted. No choices, No consequences, No tactics, No interesting NPCS, no branching dialogs, and minimal story.
  9. This is the third kickstarter I backed that delivered. The other two titles were Shadowrun Returns and Wasteland 2. I also back Tides of Numenera, Star citizen, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong and still waiting for them to finish. I have yet to be disappointed with any of my kickstarter pledges. From the 5 hours I put into Pillars of Eternity I can say this is by far the best kickstarter yet. I loved both SRR and Wasteland 2, but SSR and dragonfall were really fun games both were shorter in length than I normally prefer. Wasteland 2 was really buggy on release and I waited until patch 5 before I actually played it. I was going to wait a couple of months before I started playing POE but the overwhelming positive reviews convinced me I didn't need to wait for any patch fixes and could play the game immediately. This game has far exceeded my expectations. I have played and enjoyed most of Obsidian's games this is by far their best game to date, in my opinion.
  10. I know isn't it glorious! I am going to pace myself and really savor this game. I have waited since 2002 for another Infinity engine type game I don't want to rush through it.
  11. Your in for a real treat when you do finally get around to playing the game. Obsidian has lived up to their commitment to eliminate their reputation for being known for great but buggy games.
  12. I saw some steam/POE achievement notifications during the beginning of the game. When I restarted the game I then notice the Pig, Wyrm , Ring, and Cloak in my characters inventory.
  13. I begin the battle by rushing the fighters types to the enemies then one engaged I move up my wizard. That's been working well for me. Other than an archer keying in on my wizard I had suffered minimal damage from melee enemies.
  14. I played Arcanum and while I enjoyed it, I have not had any urges to replay it. So to me it was an average at best RPG. It had more of a fallout feel then a Infinity engine game.
  15. What an amazing game!!! I 'm only an hour into it and this is exactly the game experience I have been craving for long while. The Combat is fun and challenging and I really love your narration boxes. What a great touch. From a long time fan of the Infinity engine games thank you very much! From the reviews Obsidian hit this out of the park! Congratulations I hope this game clears a million copies sold you truly deserve every ounce of success! Take some time off and spend it with friends and family who you have obvious neglected while creating this masterpiece of a game. Once again thank you.
  16. My only question is does the current generation of 12-19 year old's even like to read? I grew up on Zork and Enchanter so I like text heavy games but does the modern generation? Other than that the reviews sound awesome! Looks like Obsidian hit a out-of-the-park grand slam!
  17. That pretty much the standard MO for a wizard class. Flinging fireballs and lightening bolts. From one of the class previews I watched on youtube the wizard class didn't seem gimped to me at all.
  18. Yeah I am guessing many of us you played the wizard/mage from previous Infinity games were spoiled of the raw damage abilities of the class. I still intend to roll a wizard as my main regardless.
  19. I tried to remain stoic but anytime I watched an interview with Josh Sawyer teasing me with all his RPG mechanics and lofty narratives I just couldn't help getting a little weak in the knees. Yeah I'm neck deep in hype.
  20. I am a disciple of our lord GabeN, the one true savior of gaming. Praise be his name!
  21. Just to break up the bashfest on steam forums, any time I had a game that failed to launch or had some annoying issue I have always found the solution on the steam forums. So yeah you have to deal with the tightwad trolls but there are some good folks too that post helpful posts as well.
  22. I have already apologized for my gaffe and my ignorance pertaining to Slavic languages. It wasn't my intention to insult any polish speaking person. Anyways, is this similar to what backers will received who pledged at physical game level? I am really digging that map.
  23. I guess the common stereotype is to assume all foreign language as Russian. Its actually Polish. I am very sorry to my untrained ear it sounds very similar to Russian.
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