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  1. It's really weird. The games community is kind of sensitive and fractured at the moment, so everything gets completely blown out of proportion.
  2. "Actually this forum section is about Pillars of Eternity." it was a joke since the image in the op is fake as **** and this is just some gamergate ****er trying to latch onto another game for attention, just like the sjws they oh so hate good grief the irony is burning like the sun with this stuff that joke hasn't been funny since day one though.
  3. I can't believe people still make this really terrible joke, especially when it comes to censorship.
  4. I hope that this was just a hoax or that the original tweet was deleted. Either way we wouldn't have to deal with that nonsense again. People have said it might be, but the typo of "Obisidian" would've made it easy to find.
  5. Actually I searched twitter to see if it was real and if I could find the person, it's either been deleted or it never existed to begin with.
  6. They've brought it on themselves by bowing to SJW zealots tbh. It's hunting season on Obsidian now that they've changed content in their game because of a minority, they smell blood.
  7. The backer himself has clarified the situation, and while I'm not happy with them even having to do this in the first place - they allowed him to make a joke at the expense of the perma offended people which was even funnier than the other one.
  8. I don't think Obsidian cared all that much but were obviously concerned PR wise, but they probably underestimated the support in the gaming community as well as the sensitivity at the moment in the industry when it comes to censorship in light of the gamergate controversy. It was all done amicably, but sadly a shirt storm has ensued anyway and no one has come out looking particularly good apart from the backer and his classy reply to it.
  9. This is exactly why I don't identify myself as a gamer. That's pathetic. You have a responsibility as a developer And if you got your game through KICKSTARTER (i.e. other people's money) they you have even MORE responsibility to NOT LISTEN to some random whiner who didn't even back the game Makes no difference. The only difference between kickstarter and buying in a shop is you gave the money in advance. Who's money exactly do you think gets things made? Obviously not the consumer.... Kickstarter means you don't have to listen to that WHINING from that WHINER who WHINES about everything! Except for my whining. My whining is important and should be addressed immediately or I'm gonna start making empty threats about never buying a game from you again! OH like the person exactly did which thought this joke was transophobic and also did threat Obsidian with boycott.? Damm I thought you were on her side... My opinion is that everyone should shut up and play the awesome game Obsidian made. I probably should shut up as well but I never follow my own advice. It's my only flaw. I would love to but I'm stuck in Heritage Hill and have been for 3-4 days because of a bug.
  10. It would be nice if Sawyer read the forums opinion on these matters from actual backers and not fascist crazies on Twitter.
  11. Sadly Obsidian got caught up in the war. A means to an end, nothing more. I've never interacted with the chick (?) who made the complaint and she me blocked because I follow Adam Baldwin and Mark Kern on the twitters i guess.
  12. I'm going to tweet Mr Sawyer about how triggering and offensive the Sanitarium is, as someone who suffered from a mental illness, I can't believe the stigmatisation of mental illness as depicted in this game. And don't get me started on the lynching of those people hanged from trees as a black man!
  13. I'd hate to have the outlook on life a lot of these people have, they seem to look for ways to be offended because it makes them feel better for some reason. It's bizarre, how can they enjoy anything? Do not. Their outrage is to feel themselves justified in order to enforce their authoritarian views in others, because that is the only thing they enjoy. Knowing that a few tweets and some faked outrage managed to change Obsidian. Take a peek at her response, now she feels powerful that she made Obsidian change something, it was never about trans people, it was ever about outrage, it is about making a company backpedal to their desires. Do not pity them. I've certainly got a "gamergate" undercurrent from all of this and that's one of the reasons they've tried to do it.
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