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  1. Can't speak Russian but the guy in video seemed pleased. Love the map!
  2. Oh Yeah and don't forgot hoarding vast amounts of gold. I think Divinity Original Sin broke me out of the hoarding scrolls and potions habit. I actually felt I had to use them in a lot of encounters especially the resurrect scrolls.
  3. In fantasy settings I only play wizards . In modern/high tech RPGs with guns I'll play only a sniper. While I really appreciate the opportunity of choices to be the villain or do selfish and nasty deeds I will only choose the selfless heroic options. If I replay the game I will choose the exact same options (thus I rarely replay a game), but I really do love being offer the choice.
  4. I couldn't agree more if your a fan of CRPGs 2014 was a fantastic year. I loved all three of those titles. 12 hours and 4 more days and counting.
  5. This Interview has really pumped me up for this game. Josh has pretty much has said everything to arouse all my CRPG senses with this interview.
  6. I believe crowdfunding is a viable alternative to the current publisher model. Without kickstarter games like wasteland 2 or shadowrun returns and possibly POE may have never saw the light of day. Niche games like POE, Wasteland 2 and shadowrun returns will not deliver the several million dollars worth of sales the big publishers are striving to acheive. So I would definitely support Osidian decision to return to crowdfunding for the initial startup funding for a sequel project provided this success of POE. I understand the critics of crowdfunding who point out there is litttle or no protection to the end user who contributes money to project. It's definitely a gamble. I have been fortunate in that all the projects I have chosen to back have delievered or close to being delivered but I have read the horror stories where some projects failed to delivered or delivered less than what was promised. I kind of view not as a investment but a advance pre-order and there is no gaunertee that even those AAA titles live up to their pre-order hype either. From my positive experiences I have no problems funding games the big named publishers would not back . Here is hoping POE is another successful and enjoyable kickstarter project. So far I like what I have been reading on this forum and other sources.
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