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  1. "in any event, there are seven deadfire companions. am not certain what "story characters" means." I suspect what the OP is referring to is the case when you start a new game a new popup is presented asking you if you'd like to chose from a list of pre-made characters or create a custom character. Not sure when this feature was introduced...
  2. Also note that there are a couple of grims in the game that contain unique spells that are not otherwise available. I stole this list from another post somewhere in these forums: Weathered Grimoire (Starting Grimoire for main character): Arcane Assault Unique Grimoire from Map Shop in Neketaka: Snakes as a Summoned Weapon Ninagauth’s Teachings (Arkemyr’s Vault): Ninagauth’s Death Ray and Shadowflame Iron-clasped Grimoire: Concelhaut’s Draining Missiles and Crushing Doom Arkemyr’s Grimoire: Arkemyr’s Brilliant Departure and Arkemyr’s Mercurial Madness Llengrath’s Grimoire (not the exact name, for sale at the Dark Cupboard): Llengrath’s Superior Elemental Bulwark
  3. This... For those that don't understand the reference, 1 = full speed ahead / full sails... 2 = board the enemy ship. This differs from the initial "close to board" option you get presented with where you will take a crap tonne of damage to ship + crew. If you just enter ship combat normally, then spam 1 until you <= 100m and hit 2 to enter normal combat you barely take any damage at all. I basically do this, enter normal combat with the opposing crew and go put the kettle on while my party murders the opposition on Scaled Up Only PotD (AKA Story Mode) difficulty.
  4. 1.0.2 didn't seem to fix the memory leak issue either. Still dropping frames / stuttering after an extended play session of 2 hours or so... And strangely enough I never encountered this problem prior to 1.0.2 either...
  5. Just keep sailing straight ahead to close the distance, then board them for normal combat. You’ll take a bit of damage, but repair supplies are cheap, so meh. Plus side is that you get much more loot from normal combat anyway
  6. this can be based on 1) bonuses gained, 2) asthetics, 3) name Personally I like Abraham, +2 Might, +15 health per kill...
  7. Better yet... make the removal of injuries require medical supplies... And more than just 1... maybe like 5 per injury... one injury each.. 25 medical supplies... Yes, not a fan of "random" injuries... but I like the rest of his idea... Imagine the same as the current system (injuries from knock-outs, traps & scripted events), with his idea of only clearing one injury per rest - Rests in taverns, and on your ship (for while you're out exploring) clears all injuries. I like it... Yeah, I can get behind that. I'm all for resting in taverns granting greater benefits (more than just the stat bonuses.) Gives them more purpose.
  8. Yes, not a fan of "random" injuries... but I like the rest of his idea... Imagine the same as the current system (injuries from knock-outs, traps & scripted events), with his idea of only clearing one injury per rest - Rests in taverns, and on your ship (for while you're out exploring) clears all injuries. I like it...
  9. Yeah, there are 2 fixes for this that I used last night. Coincidentally, this was also the first time I have encountered the problem... 1) Disable the steam overlay. Right click on the game in steam, go to properties, and there's an option in there to disable the steam overlay. 2) Check to see if you have a non-US language set. Go into control panel and click languages, ensure that English (United States) is installed. If not, then add it. Then down in the system tray area you should see a button with a language label ("EN" in my case) click it to change the language there, set it to English (United States). For example, my default language was English (Australia), I had to install english (United States) and then enable it in the button next to the system tray as described. These changes completely fixed all mouse issues that I was encountering. Note, I also performed a restart of the PC after making the above changes prior to re-launching the game.
  10. -2 to all attributes (the opposite of the +2 to all atrributes), It'd be interesting to find builds of characters with 12 less stat points to spend. I know I can do it now, but this kind of goes on to the next point. Incentivise the curses somehow. Make curse specific items that can only be obtained if your net curse points is in the negative, this probably doesn't make too much sense, but I'm sure some of you understand what I'm trying to get at
  11. nope. No learning of spells, the only way to gain spells is to acquire them on level up or to switch grimoires. I think the idea is to have a set of grimoires in your player's quickslot so that you can switch between them if needed. That said, I've only ever equipped the one on aloth and never change it during combat. Actually, I've just sacked aloth in favour of tekahu. He does far better Foe Only AOE than aloth anyway.
  12. chanters (particularly beckoners) are bonker's right now, if you watch the latest patch q&a twitch stream, they even state that they will probably scale back how powerful they are.
  13. Yeah its pretty much as you'd guessed. All dispositions contain a ring around them that can be filled with blue quarter circle "pips". As there can only ever be a maximum rank of 4 in each disposition, each pip indicates a single rank achieved in that disposition. For paladins and priests, there is an additional outer solid ring that indicates the favoured and disfavoured dispositions of their subclass. The cyan outer ring indicates the favoured dispositions that will affect your abilities positively, conversely the red outer ring indicates disfavoured dispositions that will affect your abilities negatively. Here is a screen grab I ripped from google somewhere: In this pic we can see that this level 2 paladin (a kind wayfarer) favours peaceful (bird) and passionate (flame) dispositions, and disfavours cruel (whip) and shady (hat). We can see that the player has achieved 1 rank in both of their favoured dispositions as indicated by the single blue quarter circle "pips" in each inner ring, and the player has not yet gained any ranks in their disfavoured dispositions. It should also be noted that gaining ranks in both favoured and disfavoured dispositions cancel each other out, i.e. in the pic above the net gain is +2, (+1 for peaceful and +1 for passionate), if that player had also gained a single rank of cruel, their net gain would be +1, (+1 peaceful, +1 passionate, -1 cruel). So if the player was to max out all of their favoured and disfavoured dispositions, the net gain would be 0 (+4 peaceful, +4 passionate, -4 cruel, -4 shady). Anyway, hope this clears it up.
  14. While this is technically true, there are some passives that a are tied to "while wielding a proficient weapon" such as the fighter's "Weapon Specialization"
  15. EDIT: Please delete this post... This was not a bug, it was a pebkac issue (Problem exists between keyboard and chair)... I was checking the loot room, not the mural itself... /facepalm.... Steps to replicate: 1. Download the following save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0c3i25xlnhe6srj/Hawke%20%28135db13c-8cef-4811-9827-f81865bb71ed%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0 2. This save will put you in the Old City Ruins standing next to Gwenfin with all conversation options exhausted. Can check her dialog tree if you need to. 3. Go to Old City (The area has already been cleared), go to mural, put the cornett's in the mural, unlock the wall, loot the place, go back to Old City Ruins. 4. Talk to Gwenfin again, there are no options that recognise that I've found the mural and no further way to progress the quest.
  16. Unlike others I couldn’t give 2 hoots for the interrupts, I just want her as a ranged dps monster, and as such I prefer the 45k arquebus from the dead fire trading joint in SE nekataka.
  17. yeah I'm considering losing about 5 hours of play time to rewind and pick her as a scout instead of straight ranger. huge regrets here...
  18. Yeah have to concur, PotD was semi-challenging in the early levels. Then once you hit about level 10, get a couple of gold items and around power level 4-5, you just steamroll everything with basic AI turned on. Hell even AI turned off entirely and auto-attacks takes care of 50% of encounters...
  19. From memory the shield he's talking about is behind the mural in the temple of ondra where you fight that giant bug and then slot in the two cornetts
  20. Here you go... as requested... I think it turned out quite well, even if I do say so myself...
  21. having done the peaceful route, I got the weapon from both sides, and I think from memory the valera sword was much better than the bardatto mace. That said I think there might be a way to get into the bardatto vault to "acquire" better stuff, going to check that out next run through...
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