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  1. My ship combat currently goes as follows: - Mash "1" repeatedly to get closer. - "Prepare to board!" That's just me, always works though. Glad they give the option just to skip it and get right into the combat.
  2. Just testing it at the moment, disabling the steam overlay seems to have helped though. Will post again if the issue crops up, thanks morhilane.
  3. Forgive me if this isn't in the right place, I don't post here often. I've been playing PoE2 now for over 30 hours and am enjoying the game a great deal. I've just developed an issue today seemingly out of nowhere though where my mouse clicks aren't registering properly. This seems to get temporarily fixed if I right click somewhere, but the issue seems to come back, I've played for a few hours today and needless to say it's quite frustrating. Anyone else have the same problem and/or suggestions of how to resolve this? Thanks.
  4. Ignore my last post, I read that you get the key from the website, not in with the box as a code or anything like that. Taking that into consideration, #2 seems most appropriate to me, especially if it's going to save on shipping costs and such.
  5. Excuse my ignorance here but I have to ask, for those of us getting a collector's edition that also includes a "digital copy", how is that copy distributed? it is as a code in the actual physical box or by some other means? I think some people may be getting confused in regards to that, myself included.
  6. This is actually true with me as well, I'll be playing Bloodborne around that time too and it is going to take priority for me (seeing as it's out a day earlier as well, can't really say which game I'm more excited to play, I'm insanely excited to play both of them) so I guess ultimately I wouldn't mind too much either way. That being said, if Bloodborne were not coming out around the same time, option 1 would totally be my choice.
  7. Given the option (which is appreciated actually) I'd be happy with #1 personally, I'd prefer to have everything day one with the digital copy rather than wait for everything to come at once for multiple weeks, but yeah, unfortunate position you guys are in there. Can't wait for the game.
  8. Yeah, I've had the same issue multiple times today and it's utterly game breaking. Seriously hope this is picked up on, but I imagine it's kind of hard to miss.
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