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  1. After seeing Noah Gervais's vid about The Outer Worlds on youtube, I agree with him: TOW base game has far too little Choice and Consequence (C&C) in its quests. To remedy this, I propose that Obsidian should add changes to the story into the supernova difficulty option. Since Supernova is already the hardest mode, gameplay wise, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to make the story choices harder/more exclusive, and would allow fans of traditional Obsidian RPG's to enjoy the game more. The big changes I would make in this hypothetical update for Supernova would be [SPOILERS]: - Make it so that in "Now Comes The Power", the option to replace Reed with Adelaide as head of Edgewater is not available, meaning you have to side with either the Deserters or Spacer's Choice, not both at the same time. - Make it so that, during "Canid's Cradle", you cannot replace Graham with Zora as head of the Iconoclasts, and thus cannot broker peace between them and the MSI. This gives you a genuine moral dilemma in choosing either to support an exploitative system with a good leader (corporatism/Najar) or a more humane system with a bad leader (Philosophism/Graham). - Make it so that, if Reginald is killed during "The Empty Man", the hermit refuses to help Max and cannot be made to change her mind with any skill checks. - In general, make skill checks higher. Please reply with other ideas for making the game more C&C reactive (within the ability of the developers to implement as DLC)!
  2. Yeah, this happened to me too.
  3. So, I'm a level 9 Howler (Barbarian/Chanter) and while I have chosen 4 weapon proficiencies to my companions, I have only been able to choose 2. Is this a downside of being a multi-class character or is it a bug?
  4. Me too! I hope Mayor Eder isn't too different from Night Market Eder.
  5. So, I arranged it that the Principi supply the Dawnstars with food which they then distribute to the Roparu in the Gullet, and I got the Prince of Neketaka to accept it. I did so figuring that I could ally the two factions to drive out the trading companies; is this possible? If not, can you at least not have to destroy the Principi if you support the Huana, and vice versa?
  6. So I chose the plan to infiltrate Deadlight with a Principi flag, and Serafen says I can find one in the Neketaka black market, so I am at Delvers Row now, but none of the merchants sell flags! Could somebody please help me with this?
  7. Note that the period of Engwith is referred to as "...over 2000 years ago." 2600 is over 2000, and if 2800 AI is roughly equivalent to the 1500's CE, then that would put the collapse of Engwith around 200 AI, which would be the equivalent of 1100 CE, i.e the period of the Late Bronze Age Collapse (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_Bronze_Age_collapse) in real history.
  8. By re-install, do you guys mean all my save files have to be deleted to stop the pink mist? If not, how do I re-install?
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