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  1. Is this "defend her three times" thing just rumor? Because I pretty much remember killing the others off, and not having the door open. What I mean is, you guys have PERSONALLY seen this outcome, right? I'll try it again, though..
  2. There were several technologies shown behind closed doors that could be related to a Star Wars action game/RPG of some sort. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/705/705550p1.html Neat stuff. Only problem with it being K3, is, well - it has stormtroopers. But those could be placeholders for the demo. They may be trying to avoid saying anything about K3 at this point, for any number of reasons.
  3. I played Dreamfall. Probably will play through TLJ again soon, before I go to Ireland for a week.
  4. I don't understand why it should bother people enough to KEEP ON talking about it. You don't have to have NWN 2, you don't have to have a DM Client. You have NWN 1 already.
  5. This sounds like A *****LOAD OF FRIGGIN BOREDOM FOR 9 FRIGGIN BUCKS. Sorry, I won't be in on this one, Bioware. Ugh, and I thought the next thing they mentioned would be something worth buying.
  6. I played TLJ, but I don't remember it very well. I was, like, 12 or something when I played it. I'm about to play it again, actually - installing it right now. I'm hoping it'll work on my fancy, newer computer. So far, I think I like Dreamfall better. But we'll see.
  7. I think KotOR III should come with a fully functional toolset. Make your own Star Wars RPG!! And use some offshoot of Euphoria.
  8. I just finished Dreamfall, story-based adventure game. Click Here. Yeah. It was pretty awesome. Way better than Fahrenheit, with an interesting but very mild gameplay/fighting. I'm considering going back and playing the first game to see what I can pick up. Anyone else a major fan of this game?
  9. Meh. I want a real writer to make the story, not the fans of the game. Fans never know what's best - they always want more of the same.
  10. One of the things I have to bring up, is - isn't she a kid? I mean... how old of a kid are we talking? She doesn't sound very old. Anyway, this is what we get for implementing drug propaganda into our school system. Smoking is carcinogenic, alcohol is, frankly, hyped for it's negative effects - but it's a very bad thing to be an alcoholic, and something kids like her should avoid. Alcohol is used for it's psychoactive effects, as are other drugs; this is true. But if you're a crack dealer, or a speed dealer - I can't respect you. I'm sorry. Giving a little bit of heroine to your kid isn't the same as giving them a sip of alcohol, and I don't see that as even faintly hypocritical. Also, marijuana is pretty bad, but it doesn't make most people violent ****, that I've heard. I don't understand why the US makes such a point of cracking down on it, except that they associate it with hippies.
  11. I know there's supposedly a way to get to lawful good alignment in Planescape: Torment, but I can't find a guide that really seems to tell me what I need to do to attain that. Any of you PS: T fans know?
  12. I think a core component of Star Wars is that it's fairly absurd... but, at least with the OC, I never had the feeling of "comic book" as much as I did with all the various fan fiction and star wars games floating around out there. Myself, I don't care for the star forge or the wound in the force, relating to kreia and the exile. Neither are really explained very well, although the wound in the force thingymabob is just... well, a thingymabob, instead of a cliche, deus ex machina, machine from the all-powerful forbearer race. Which one's really worse or less creative? Both sound like ideas you might find in a comic book, and neither idea is truly inspiring to someone as great and intelligent as I am. Seriously, folks! Think of something better!!
  13. There was some respect and mild tenderness between the two. Were you thinking of a set of lines in their dialogue or something? It seemed strictly business to me. This kind of thinking is what sometimes gets people punished for sexual harrassment or worse, hehe (not by itself, of course- it takes some action)- some people, always think about who's going to lay who. Oh... who's mustache? Mira's or Zez'?
  14. I sort of see Revan as being charismatic for his legend, more than anything. You don't need all THAT much personal charisma for that - you just need to seem impressive. Sure, women don't usually have the self-importance and driven ego to "seem" impressive, but we're talking about ONE person - not a statistic of persons - and that person, whether they happened to be male or female, wouldn't have a CHANCE to seem big - they WOULD seem big. Because that's how the story goes. Revan is big. Period.
  15. Great stuff! Harry somes art is good as always. I've seen it before. The last one Harry did, the bastila painting, was amazing. Color,detail, wow. But I don't think it looks like bastila, in the face, and neither does the one found elsewhere on the internet, with Malak and the soldiers. Julian's pic on page 27 is the only sketch I've seen that really looks close to how she looks in-game? Or how I envision her? I dunno. I hope this doesn't sound mean, everything in here is really, really good.
  16. Ah yes, so did I. But it shames me, frankly... because it was really kind of lame.
  17. Cassidy, your sig scared the crap out of me. Anyway, I rather liked being Czerka's droid and confusing the utility droid into a rampage - that was completely random. I liked all of HK's lines. It's just that you have to cheat, or go really really darkside, to get anything out of him.
  18. I sort of feel like the two best romance possibilities for both games were left out in K2: Bao-dur and Mira. I mean, I don't know... they seemed more real than any of the others, I think. Anyway, I didn't care for the handmaiden's past, or her voice. Her bust was oversized, and not attractive - she's a cRPG character, come on. Visas had some great voice acting... but she didn't replace Bastila. She didn't have nearly the range of emotions Bastila had, in the end. She was just sort of... goth... you know? Too much of it for me. For female romance characters: While Atton's VO was sort of annoying and faky to me at first, it turned out ok. Disciple's VO always annoyed me, especially, "You have left me an opening!" The talks disciple had were interesting enough, and it was amazing how much of that there was. Why not for the other characters, though? I mean, come on... he's a little bit boring. And he has an ugly neck. Atton had his annoying aspects, but I liked him ok. He reminded me of some people I know and like in real life. The Carth romance.... didn't make much sense to me, when I went through it. But maybe that's just cuz I'm not a girl. Overall, eh, Bastila wins it for me... even though her romance wasn't all that great, as a whole.
  19. Well, that was generally sort of insulting, thank you. I believe the only "facts" he asked for had nothing to do with SOME of the... "facts" you gave. But yeah! I thought it was great; it's not for a lot of people. If you don't have anything nice to say... umm... shut it.
  20. Yes, I agree. This is what KotOR 3 will be about.
  21. My opinion: I want new romances. Design cycles for games are too long to be repeating the same characters over and over again. I wouldn't mind an official story centering on the romance options, though. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Soft Pr0n
  22. Zez is a hippy. Is Atris supposed to ever look like that, by the way? Or was that cut?
  23. I believe I've seen a strongly feminine name or two (NOT Robin Mayne, mind you) posting as developer's, or maybe they were just CEO's and QA's and such. I don't know. I think it shows less in bioware games than it does in certain other companies' games. I don't think "macho", exactly, when I think Bioware. I don't work there, but I imagine females would get more respect than at some places, quite possibly. But yeah. Pretty much, it was just guys that wrote KotOR II - even the romances, female or male. I gather that Gaider was central to those romances, athough another guy actually did most of Bastila's character development and such.
  24. I suppose those natural disasters that keep happening in India are "stolen" and "unoriginal" as well. Not to say I believe either way about biblical legend. Although I do find it strangely un-wise of "god" to start wars and strife with "his teachings". Many christian's don't believe in those particular teachings, mind you.
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