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  1. I have a similar problem with the mouse clicks and figured I'd check the forum to see if I'm the only one. Looks like I'm not. To be clear, I can click on menus and objects, but it usually takes at least two or three of them to register, and that's very frustrating when in combat for example. I'm using windowed mode so I'll check the fullscreen to see if it persists. Thanks for being on top of things, gentlemen! Edit: I turned off the overlay and the mouse clicks are registering as they should.
  2. I've been around the forum since before the first Pillar was released. Don't confuse post count with time spent on the forum.
  3. Don't understand why you insist on trusting GOG with important matters. They've shown time and time again their incompetence in regards to new releases. I'm sorry, but I can't feel empathy for those who don't switch to platforms that actually pay attention and work properly.
  4. I don't understand why anyone would do these sort of intricate things on GoG. They're consistently inconsistent with new releases and they seem to never learn from their own mistakes. I do feel sorry for those of you who always put your trust in them to handle new releases. Unfortunately, it'll be in vain this time as well.
  5. Of course it's released. Just restart Steam like always. It's not rocket science, dude!
  6. Add your key from the portal, mate. Then you'll find it in your library and an option to pre-load. Easy as pie!
  7. I wonder how many people have planned "sick days" in order to fully enjoy this masterpiece game. We can't all have my luck of working from home.
  8. Taco shells by themselves? What sort of monster do you think I am?! Of course I'm not letting them be by themselves. There's gonna be a lot of goodies stuffed inside those babies. Something tells me I won't be out enjoying the sunshine for quite some time so a lot of planning has taken place to sort me out for the next two weeks.
  9. Some people actually work for a living so they wouldn't be able to play the game anyway. Being a bum and resting on your laurels is a personal choice, but that won't mean that you should play the game before anyone else.
  10. The game's in your library, mate. Just pre-load it and be happy that you have it safely tucked on your harddrive when you're ready to rock. I've already prepared myself by having twelve beer, four bags of crisps, and a dozen taco shells stored in the cupboard. My body is READY!
  11. Does everyone need to start their own thread on how long it's left?
  12. Not sure if you perhaps have reading difficulties or not, but an increased difficulty requires increased healing.
  13. It really depends, in some regions a preload is just nice to have, if you really want to play on release day. However in some rural areas all around the world, the pre-load is really worthwhile, since you do not need to spend ten hours downloading it on release day. Before Amazon, Steam etc. it was quite normal not to play on release date, we just got used to getting everything delivered by the time it unlocks. Back in the stone age people pre-ordered then made a midnight run to the local game store to pick it up on launch day, or they pre-ordered and hoped that the UPS dropped it off early so they could play before the official launch. The tales of rage and woe from those whose game didn't arrive on launch day or whose local game store somehow ran out of pre-order copies were epic. Those were good times. I pre-ordered Simon the Sorcerer and waited a week for it to be delivered. When I got it, wouldn't work on my Amiga.
  14. I am bound to this place, just like a bird is bound to it's nest. I may leave one day, but I will always return to my place of comfort. I am bound to this place, just like a bird is bound to it's nest. I may leave one day, but I will always return to my place of comfort. "its nest". No apostrophe.
  15. I haven't played the beta but I'm certain that the difficulty doesn't stay the same throughout the game. Keep your pants on and enjoy the masterpiece when it's out tomorrow.
  16. I've heard so many people complain about Tyranny and reviews have been talking about an underwhelming experience overall. Yes, I have a 50% coupon too and I might actually use it.
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