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  1. I imagine this is the side story they talked about during the crowdfunding campaign. People asked about having the option to play a female character during crowdfunding and Warhorse replied that making gender interchangeable in the main campaign would be impossible, given that they were going for historical accuracy and the experience of a woman in early 15th century Bohemia would be VASTLY different than that of a man and something you couldn't just change pronouns and a few lines of dialogue for. Instead, they promised to include a side story where you play a female character. I'm assuming that's what this will be. That's cool. Playing a woman in a historically accurate medieval society would be something different.
  2. Yeah losing Vancian Casting was really disappointing to me. I enjoyed having both per encounter and per rest spells and abilities and the challenge of managing resources to go as far as I could before resting. Ah well. I am sure it will be fine and casters will be just as great in PoE2.
  3. Do we really know much about them though? I mean we know they were created by the Engwithans but not much more beyond that. What is the actual scope of their powers? How were they connected to the aspects of their portfolio? Can they be destroyed or are they left to rule over Eora forever and we just have to figure out how to live with them?
  4. My issue with the reveal was they did not really set up the Gods as having a big background creation myth that got shattered that I was aware of. They are only ever interacted with as beings who have power now over material things. And they do. So the fact they are powerful immortal beings that have power over the things in their portfolio was not actually shaken by the realization they were made by the Engwithans. I mean they currently exist and Ondra really can mess with the seas so you probably should appease her before that voyage. I mean how is that different from the Olympian Gods? And with Eothas coming back it is pretty clear we have no idea how to get rid of them. So how are they fake gods? What exactly is a god? Thaos asked this question. And more than hand wringing over the technical definition of a god and whether or not these gods fit this technical definition I guess I am interested in the idea that does this mean that somebody might create more gods? That seems far more important than this weird semantic discussion. I mean who cares what you call the gods? They are immortal beings of immense super natural power whatever you want to call them. I mean if, say, Concelhaut had known this his strategy for overcoming death would have been different. Is this knowledge still too dangerous to let everybody know about? Would it lead to some sort of race to learn this secret and make yourself a god? Iovara did not seem particularly concerned about that...or actually seem to even have occurred to her which is weird because she had plenty of time to think about it.
  5. I am not particularly worried about the streamlined and consolitis issues because I think the industry has moved on to other things. Things that are equally as bad, but different things. Back in those days the idea was you wanted to get your game as streamlined as possible so it could satisfy as many people as possible and be made as quickly as possible. So they wanted Bioware to make a freaking DA or ME game every year. The turnaround time between DA:I and DA2 was hilariously short and this went on with many other games of that era. But then Skyrim happened. Dark Souls happened. The mobile game era really got going. Now the powers that be want games that are just like one, two, or all three of things at once. So we get big open world action titles with loot boxes. That sucks but it is a different sort of suck. I mean the marketing for PoE2 is about how much bigger and open world it is, that would have never happened during the streamlining era. So I am not worried. There is also the fact that if Obsidian was going to go that way they would have done so a decade ago. I am far more worried that the content will become bloated and generic. I am interested to see what all this island exploring looks like in PoE2.
  6. Oh it is? Well that is deceptively named then. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. Man people sure are paranoid about being screwed. But I guess in this industry you cannot blame them.
  8. Dude. Wow. The temptation to watch that is incredible. But I must be strong. April will be here soon.
  9. If you produce great products like Obsidian you probably can develop a loyal fanbase. And who is complaining about you in real life? Who is attacking you in real life? What are you talking about? I am talking about arguments made and why I do not find them convincing. I am not attacking anybody. You guys are all passionate fans and I respect that. Explain why they did not not need the Figstarter? What evidence do you have for this and how is being in development prove that? And what does that have to do with a console port, and why would they make design decisions for a port they are not even doing themselves? But feel free to outline what design decisions in the game were made for consoles if you find some. I might be convinced.
  10. Yes. It is because of stuff that happened years in the past to other companies. PTSD I guess. I mean sure the fact that EA was running Bioware created messed up priorities but in this case Obsidian has nothing to do with the console port besides hiring/partnering with another company to make one. Why would they change their design for consoles when they are not even the ones doing the console version? And don't give me slippery slope arguments. Of all the games Obsidian has ever made only two have ever not been on consoles (that I am aware of anyway): NWN2 and Tyranny. So if this is the thin edge of the wedge that is taking us down a slope to DOOM and corruption we would have arrived there long ago.
  11. From what I gathered from this video: (at about 6:20 or so) Is that you can import your save and just change one thing if you want to.
  12. It seems weird that if you empowered Woedica and did the thing all the other gods were desperate you not do, that it would not result in a different sort of world. I would be very surprised if it did, though.
  13. That a fact? I found it interesting that you had to pick a god if you pick a priest. But I guess the question would then be if priests had powers before the Engwithans built and empowered the gods. If they did, then I do not really understand how Thaos and company were able to convince the world that their traditional gods were fake. I mean if the gods have zero power to give their priests then what was the point of pumping them full of soul power in the first place? I guess a fantasy world does not have to make sense but that seems pretty illogical to me on several levels. Edit: Actually I am just going to pretend that is not true because that is stupid. 'I am a priest of soup spoons! Behold my powers!' I find the idea that the Engwithans created these crazy and corrupt Olympian-type Gods that we are stuck with forever (or not? STAY TUNED) that actually make things difficult and complicated more interesting than the idea that we can get rid of them and there would be no cost to doing so. Hopefully this silly concept never has any impact on the plot of the game.
  14. Well the first game was ported to consoles so it is not like this is new. If they had radically changed everything for consoles when they made the sequel then we probably would have heard about it from the beta testers by now.
  15. I don't think this is as big of an issue as it was back in the day. And for whatever reason now games have to be huge and complicated where-as before they all had to be streamlined. So what Obsidian is doing is fashionable again...for a few minutes anyway.
  16. I know you posted this in earnest so don't take this personally but... This is hilarious. Not only is this an insane over-reaction but they really have to say in their crowdfunding campaign that their sequel to a game that was on console is going to be on console or it is a betrayal? Oh my god I am dying laughing here. I don't know why I find this so funny.
  17. Yeah that is generally something that makes fantasy religion different from real religion, with the notable exception of Dragon Age. I mean my character has had conversations with most of the gods already. Though oddly, Ondra didn't seem to actually care at all about the bizarre rituals they had in the Abbey of the Fallen Moon. Nor did the other gods that I could see. Well I guess they got upset if you didn't pray to them the correct way in Teir Evron.
  18. How and why Eothas got stuck in that body is important though. In the last game Eothas seemed to do something insane and crazy and it turned out to be for a very good reason. So I presume it is the same here. Eothas would probably be served by actually explaining to his worshipers why he does stuff though.
  19. Of course it is dualistic. It is based on Persian dualism. I always liked how D&D also brought in the Sumerian dualism of order vs. chaos. I don't get the epistemological proof here.You are playing an ego-centric character who does not really view others as having value so will stomp on whomever, or not, to get what they want. They are calculating and selfish. Is that freedom? Is caring about other people some kind of slavery? I don't get it. Or wait...you are saying that what the game says is evil might not actually reflect the sort of evil you are trying to do? Ok I guess I get that. But fortunately this is not a game where you have to worry about your good vs. evil score. But it doesn't really matter, I guess. I completely agree with your assertion about fourth wall breaking.
  20. Often I had a hard time even figuring out what the 'good' or 'bad' thing to do even was. Granted sacrificing your people to Skaen was pretty obvious.
  21. Holy crap. This game took me FOREVER. And the White March I and II are incredibly long for in game expansions. I mean geez people I have things to do.
  22. You know I played Tyranny and while it is far from perfect I have no idea what you are talking about. But at least you are willing to give it a chance and not demanding whatever your issue was be pandered to, by remaining vague. I hope you end up buying and enjoying Deadfire.
  23. The release date is also April 3rd? Interesting. The last one came out a bit before IIRC. That's alright though.
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