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  1. I had a joke list of all the Mages just out walking around in the world that the Templars left completely alone. Most of them were evil and/or criminals so not really a good look for either group.
  2. How do you know this? I didn't think any of the characters were in the beta.
  3. But Durance himself says he is going to stay devoted to Magran until after you defeat Thaos so he can keep his powers and denounce her and start his quest for revenge later.
  4. I would be shocked if they changed that. It has been the same ever since the late 90s for these kinds of games.
  5. No. The Thayn of Caed Nua is always called the 'Roadwarden' because of its control of the crucial crossroads. It is supposed to be a ceremonial honorific, not a description of your job. I am pretty sure you would hold it for life even with Caed Nua nothing but a gaping hole in the ground. So far as I could tell the Watcher is a noble and a vassal to the Erl, which is why he takes your rent money. Edit: Presuming you did the quest that ended with the Erl bestowing your title on you of course.
  6. None of that stuff would bother me a bit, in fact I would really enjoy it. But that is not how gaming companies do things to try to appeal to non-gamers. They make it flashier and designed to imitate other media that does have a mass audience. But, of course, almost everybody does play video games of some kind now so are we talking about how we might have felt in 1998 or something?
  7. I vastly prefer RT with pause. I vastly prefer the combat in the old infinity engine games plus Tyranny and PoE than the games you have listed. You pause like a maniac because that is the primary way you play the game. Rather being 'forced' that is how I prefer to play and how these games are designed to be played. So no I don't think it's 'stupid' that I am not playing another game that I find less enjoyable and less fun like the games you listed. So I get you prefer those other games. Cool.
  8. I did not realize looking like an adventurer was based on small facial features. Oh yeah. Those portraits are basically porn. For goodness sake.
  9. You are shocked? You poked a very well known point of political controversy that has been raging in this industry for over 20 years and you are shocked? Huh. I will use the original portraits because they are the developers' characters but I don't see how those are glam models but hey what do I know?
  10. Well then I am glad you are getting what you want. But I am glad they are at least limiting it a bit to conform to their vision of their characters.
  11. Entirely depends on how that option is implemented and what impact it has on the rest of the game. It may. I don't know. Personally I am not a huge fan of being able to designate the class of characters that are, not strictly speaking, my characters but NPCs. But hey we can already choose what they take when they level up. Since we do have it, I actually kind of like the fact the choice is limited as it adds a strategic and RP consideration, I will think about how each one suits the character as I know him or her vs. what I need from a party composition perspective.
  12. Eora themed sea shanties? Now that is a crazy level of love and world building. This is why I keep playing your games.
  13. Sorry about that. I DIDN'T START IT THOUGH That is so awesome. i really want this game to be great since there is really nothing else like it and it warms my heart to hear stuff like this.
  14. From a rp view? The "I don't give a crap" type, I guess. Or the "actually all these revelations from Iovara make me change my mind" way. Or "maybe Wael or Skaen do have a point after all" Right, I mean some people did it. I think most people would have not done it because it seemed like a really bad idea rather than just because they wanted a happy ending.
  15. I half suspect these allegations came up not because people were actually offended but because the lead dev was a rather vocal supporter of #GamerGate. I mean, I'm sure some people actually got offended. But most of them? Looking for ammo. Meh. Gamergate was then, this is now. But there was similar outrage about The Witcher III. Or, rather, fake outrage.
  16. Whatever that means. I mean Kingdom Come: Deliverance has Cumans who are originally from Central Asia in it as a major plot point. But somehow they are white or that there are only two kinds of people in the entire world: black and white. So if you are not African therefore you are white no matter where you are from. Maybe. I don't know who the hell is what race. Iranians look pretty much like most Europeans to me.
  17. Wow. An American in Bohemia 90 years before Columbus. AMERICA! COMING AGAIN TO SAVE THE MUTHER****IN DAY YEAH!
  18. Aloth is not particularly elfy and is reasonably charming. The game did a good job training me to favor the truth over comfortable lies. The few times I did otherwise I had the weird feeling I had made a mistake, but then flipped that on me right at the end. At the end of the game I thought maybe the Leaden Key wasn't such a bad thing, but by then I had already turned Aloth pretty solidly against it. The other time I thought maybe favoring the truth wasn't 100% a good thing was with the Eyeless. Jumping into a bottomless pit of almost sure doom is no time to carry around a baby. I restored Abydon but I couldn't shake the feeling I had made a terrible error and possible set up a divine war between Ondra and Abydon. The fact that wiping his memories was much harder to do also bugged me a bit. But hey my character made the choice and now she has to live with it. My character was pissed off when I finally got to her, She was so damn tired of people trying to kill her for no damn reason. It was Llengrath who set the whole thing off by sending the Torn Bannermen so close to her lands to begin with. Nah. He was going back in the wheel the natural way. I hope he was reincarnated as a slug.
  19. Well I think if you just use logical thought, or just don't skip most of the quests, you will end up with a good ending. My character was going to support Hylea no matter what she said due to her Eothasian husband (my avatar). Well ok maybe if Hylea had demanded all the souls become giant man eating birds of prey or something. Well how suicidal do you have to be to intentionally piss off the Gods? Well we were told that Thaos was trying to discredit Animancy before the hearing. They thing had to die. I didn't care how many reloads it took I was going to kill it and secure Caed Nua for my own. I think if I had favored Galawain she would have been pardoned so there was one not-ideal thing that happened. I didn't make her go against the ducs, she wanted to go against the ducs and I had no reason to convince her to screw Dyrwood against her own judgement. Besides, my character lives in Dyrwood and is a vassal of one of the Dyrwood Erls. I was kind of surprised he went with the Nightmarket given what happened right at the end of the game, but obviously I was with him in trying to give Eothas the benefit of the doubt for most of the game so that was probably it. Eothas did nothing wrong!! (in PoE 1 anyway) Almost skipped this one. My character was an aristocrat so it made no sense for her to favor the rabble rousing commoners. I admit you are right on the Forge-Knights. You have to be kind of a monster to go along with that. I was a bit surprised more did not favor the Dozens. House Doemenel is a bit more subtle and it is hard to tell they are an option at first and anybody who went to Dyrford Village first would be biased against them I think.
  20. My first RPG was Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord because I am old. I was a kid so rarely had patience to grind so I would bravely venture forth and die, and back in those days when you died your bloody corpse would rot in that dungeon forever. I never got far in that game. When I got 'The Bard's Tale' a bit later I had learned the joy of endless grinding. I have a very conservative and completionist play style because I learned RPGs in this era I think.
  21. Hey man I enjoy resource management games! There were female lots of thing, even then. I mean over 90% of the men were farmers and we rarely play them as well.
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