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  1. Ah ok. I guess I didn't just imagine that. Hopefully that turns out to be the case. But I am good either way. Icewind Dale is one of my favorite RPGs and in that game your companions only interact in your imagination.
  2. Generally I just want my characters to look awesome. if they can do that in skimpy clothing then that's alright.
  3. My guess from way back during the Fig campaign was that the sidekicks would get more content during the expansions. Granted I have zero evidence suggesting I was right about that but I will still just wait around and see.
  4. Sierra was bought by Vivendi Games, which merged with Activision. Well there you go. If a sequel is ever made it will have to be published through Activision. Good luck.
  5. Why does this game look so antiquated? I mean the art style on the cut scenes is alright but damn everything looks so drab and washed out and like it was made 15 years ago. It will not bother me too much but I thought maybe there was something wrong with my graphics card or something.
  6. Well that sucks. I got the guidebook early last time. Ah well.
  7. Yeah I agree it is not a big deal. I would still be curious though. If the delay is only a few days I might wait for my guidebook. Otherwise I might not.
  8. The thing that I did not like about Arcanum was that it set up this really amazing magic vs. tech conflict and then had you fighting endless waves of animals and monsters the whole game. It very rarely used its own gimmick. The ending almost made up for what a let down that was to me....almost. So if Obsidian does decide to do a sequel to that game I sure hope they don't repeat that. That game is so old that Sierra published it...I presume they are long gone so it couldn't be hard to get the rights. But maybe they are but under a different name.
  9. I did the Guidebook add-on and I just got an e-mail saying the physical items were being delayed. Is there an ETA on my guidebook and the other physical items? I read the one for PoE before playing and I was planning on doing the same for PoE 2. My apologies if this has been asked someplace else or if there is a better place to post this question.
  10. I was being a bit hyperbolic but I seriously doubt anybody had a problem with PoE being too short. But I am a completionist plus I do not have much time to play games so it does literally take me months to play through games that I would have finished in a week or two back in the old times. I anticipate to be playing PoE II for awhile.
  11. Nothing about the creation of PoE and PoE II has ever been about smaller and faster. But we will see.
  12. I don't think the expansions will have much to do with the plot of the main game. The main game is supposed to be longer than PoE and that game was so long my children had all moved schools before I had finished it.
  13. Yeah the import has some decisions that are not possible with the other options. But they are not important, just easter eggs...or at least that is what I understood.
  14. You can order the guidebook on Amazon no problem. https://www.amazon.com/Pillars-Eternity-Guidebook-Two-Archipelago/dp/1506706762/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523852174&sr=8-1&keywords=pillars+of+eternity+2+guide+book
  15. It has been discussed a few times. Like in this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94815-multiplayer-coop-after-release/?hl=multiplayer But this was a big topic of conversation for the first game as well. I think due to the limited budget of the first game they left it out for scope but I could be mis-remembering. This has been going on for about six years now.
  16. Huh. The guy was hardly dog piled. You are not even the first guy to agree with him.
  17. If doing that led to your vile sacrifice of the heroic Anitlei it seems to me it should be embraced like never before!
  18. I thought it was awesome. It combined the ancient Persian moral system of good vs. evil (which I sort of understood as selflessness vs. ego at least as D&D presented it) and the ancient Sumerian concept of order vs. chaos. But it had problems because, while it provided a nice moral framework for roleplaying purposes (presuming anybody could agree what the Alignments actually meant), it had few mechanical effects outside of some classes like Paladins. So did it really shape anybody's behavior in how they played? Meh. Though wow did I love how it was implemented in the Planescape mythology as far as the planes were concerned. But I digress.
  19. Nostalgia? Well that does not line up with the facts. Fans said that about BG2 and PST at the time they were written. I do think people experience a story more powerfully when they feel like they are a direct participant in it, even if perhaps it is not written as well or as artfully done as Shakespeare. I mean that is why some of us are here, being fans of this genre.
  20. Planescape: Torment was NOT a Bioware game. For one thing how they handled the romance was completely different. I do not really see how the romances in BG2 were really substantially different from what came later from Bioware, at least in how they mechanically and story-wise worked. I am sorry the boards sucked. As far as the pandering and the obligatory nature of it, while I do not feel nearly as strongly as you seem to (I mean geez it was just some optional content dude come on), that was a pretty big burden on Bioware in their game design. One I would rather not see Obsidian have to take on.
  21. They are alright. I mean they basically hit all the same notes romance content in other media hit. I mean they have the burden of having one of the participants being controlled by somebody who is not writing the romance, so under the circumstances I think they do fine. People certainly seem to really enjoy them.
  22. While I am delighted to be informed about things you can and cannot accept, I would appreciate it if you would not hijack this thread. There is a whole forum to discuss this sort of thing.
  23. Kind of case in point right here for why I am hoping Obsidian does not do the romance thing, at least not like Bioware does. The score card for which gender/sexual orientation gets what is a very divisive thing. I mean just saying I enjoyed the Anomen romance got me attacked. And so then there is pressure to make sure everybody gets multiple good choices which is enormously burdensome. So we have a combination of a feature that is both a source of enormous controversy and a resource hog and includes creating massive amounts of content most of us will never see unless we play through several times (unlikely for a game that is likely to take 100+ hours for many of us). If Obsidian had the resources of Bioware the gains might be worth those costs but they don't. So I hope however they handle the NPC relationship thing it is in a different way. ALL ROMANCES END IN PAIN. I don't know.
  24. Well that is just a lie. There was also his struggle with his father and wanting to become a knight and so forth. And he can fall and become sort of messed up, that was fun. The part you are referencing was only part of the plot in chapter 2, hardly two halves of the entire thing. Have you read any of my posts on this subject? Because this makes no sense if you have. In any case my main character is both female and married so she already has a love interest. I don't think I said anything about equality. Eder means well he was just raised in another culture. Also I am not sure what you are referring to in how he leveled up.
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