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  1. True but they still have to deliver a great game and that is a bit harder to spin than politics. I trust Obsidian, or any business, because of their track record not because of their press releases.
  2. Yeah me to. RP over logic all the way for me. Besides I enjoy a challenge.
  3. He is always sent to the Wheel upon death. It's just that he Awakens in his teens each time (thanks to his goddess) and gets back to whatever he was doing in his previous life. At least that's what Lady Webb says. Which brings the question, who's to stop Woedica from simply Awakening him again even if you erase his memories? Or do we somehow perma-erase them, so there is nothing to remember at all? I never condired this possiblity, but now I think I'm going to destroy his soul from now on just to be on the safe side. Ah. I guess I forgot that part once I reached the Endgame. Whoops.
  4. I am confused how a blue uniform with white gloves and being armed with a chrome Thompson Submachine Gun is classified as a type of 'camo'.
  5. It was not popular at all before Beth got their hands on it. I mean sure it was popular for us but it only ever sold a few hundred thousand copies. Gizmo is right, Bethesda made it to appeal to the TES crowd not the Fallout crowd. Fallout 4 sold over 10 million copies. It was an order of magnitude more popular and profitable than anything made to appeal to the core Fallout audience would be. I don't see any evidence to suggest that appealing to the core gets financially rewarded. If it did Obsidian would not be kickstarting games.
  6. I seriously doubt that many people care. This forum does not get a lot of traffic. Release dates getting delayed is about as exciting as a weather forecast.
  7. A better quality game than what? I think it is no sign at all. Almost every game I have ever followed has been delayed at some point. When games are delayed so often I find correlations hard to prove. But everybody who is not drawing conclusions is delusional? Based on what? Or is this some kind of joke? I think the claim that is some kind of hyped title suggest it is, because no way PoE 2 is hyped. The press cares but not much, and most of us just want a game as good as to the first game.
  8. Isn't the whole point of Thaos that his soul is basically perma-awakened and he always keeps his memories upon death? At least that's how i understood it. I figured that was going to end once he got sent back to the wheel. But maybe I doomed the world. Well at least it means Eora won't get boring.
  9. The only issue I have with this delay is how close to release it was made. Besides that I would prefer all the bug and balancing stuff happens as much as possible. I only have one chance to play this game for the first time. I want it to be as good as possible.
  10. I mean would he even know he was Thaos unless his soul was awakened? And even then you seem different when you are reborn.
  11. I will probably stay out of the Spoilers Section for a few months. There is always that crowd who get the game and have it beaten 48 hours later.
  12. If you reveal that the Gods were made I just figured that would mean lots of people trying to make themselves Gods, especially as there is no known way to destroy the invented Gods. But hey good luck.
  13. That took awhile in the first game. Fortunately I was somehow aware of that problem and plotted my head canon around it.
  14. The main thing I want to know is how long I have to wait until I can add a 'hireling'.
  15. They are not hirelings though. They are recruited just like the regular NPC party members. I think 'minor' vs. 'major' companions might be better. I suspect that as time rolls on people will forget there was ever a distinction and more content gets added to the four 'side kicks'.
  16. I will be importing. I didn't run that PoE+WM1+WM2 marathon for nothing.
  17. Valians are awesome and so are Ciphers. So I think this is a fine problem to have.
  18. I just meant it lacked the post-KOTOR deal where you recruit everybody and they sit around magically leveling up at your base while you adventure.
  19. Yes I know. I have played BG2 before. Come on, you know what I mean guys.
  20. Did you have to? With few exceptions most people could be exchanged AFAIK, but I didn't like doing it. To this day there are NPCs in that game I never had in my party. Not even once. :D Yes. At least once you leave Athkatla you are pretty much stuck with your team.
  21. I play a chanter because I like bards for whatever reason. It is nice that they go well with everything else.
  22. BG2 was the last of these games where you actually had to pick your permanent party. Now you can use everybody and just cycle them through, which I always do.
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