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  1. Ogres and Wyrm (Wyrm are immune to slash or pierce - possibly when upgraded). And I read some user saying that Phantom can themselves summon some lesser entities. Didn't verify that.
  2. There is a lack of portraits for some races, notably Pale Elf women: there is only one portrait (and possibly a 2nd one with the hood). Orlan males: only 2 or 3 portraits. I am pretty sure there is only one Wild and only one Hearth portrait. I can't keep up the list, because I didn't spend so much time on it. But some fresh portraits would be very welcome. Thanks btw to all the people out there working on this!
  3. In the first game your learn that Woedica and Magran worked in concert against Eothas. Well, POEII acts like it's an actual fact that was passed on your during POE, but actually, it was just one of the hypothesis and one that you can suggest to Durance. Woedica made part of the plan and convinced Magran, Magran executed it.
  4. His voice acting sounds very much like the Gus Character from Breaking Bad, is it just a coincidence? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002064/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t10 It is possible it is just a coincidence, because they pretty much share a common accent. But it is a bit farther than that, there is also the intonation and the way the voice plays out those dialogue lines. I tried to find if this actor was in POEII cast but didn't find anything, maybe I should spend some time on the credits of the game. Can anyone confirm or infirm this?
  5. This isn't a bug but I wasn't really sure where to post this. Foe target: Immunity to concentration attacks for 10 seconds. The issue here is ''Foe target'', I believe this aura makes party members immune to interrupts? So yes, even the ''concentration attacks'' is confusing, because the terminology ingame is ''interrupt attacks''.
  6. It's great but there are too many broken quests, and that's a no-no for this sort of RPG. When I say 'many' I mean MANY. If you do everything in the perfect order that was intended, you'll have no issue. Only, you would be a robot or a transcendental being to manage that. If you're just a basic human you'll cross 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 [...] broken quests with broken script. 1 is ok (if you are 'benevolent'), 2 is a bit problematic, beyond that you're just... really trying. I decided to stop after crossing THAT many broken quest. And they really revealed themselves to me after 30 hours playtime. Honestly I think the perfect time to start playing this game would be around september, so that the first DLC is released, and possibly empty of bugs (after 2 months of release).
  7. In my game, I waited a bit before showing myself up in order to witness some of the dialogue between his captors. But it seems I waited too long (sort of). I advance toward Oswald, and the cultist saw me, which opened a dialogue box, but my timing must have been perfect because one of the cultist go toward Osward - during the dialogue - and kill him. But the issue is that, the dialogue I have with the cultist is the same as if Oswald was alive and so, the skeleton of Oswald is talking like he was alive. Here is a screenshot: As you can see, Oswald it talking like nothing happened, but he is dead.
  8. I only use 4 of them. - The one which grants higher move speed. - The one which set frost trails/traps when I move I use them for skirmish in open maps (I was mostly using them for the first 40hours of the game) During combat: - the one which adds fire dot to party - the one which boost range attack (5 of my guys use guns) Otherwise, everything is pretty crappy; for that reason I find chanters not to be really well designed. The general idea is nice, but the execution not so.
  9. Character creation: - feats. perks etc. - some change to stats: Might: melee damages Resolve: concentration and heal Dexterity: accuracy (which would be/feel critical for range) Perception: maybe some %crits?? With some meaningful tiers to them. For instance if you get one stat to 20, you get a neat perk àla Arcanum. - Having more say on your starting skills for some classes: druid, priest etc. I don't think every priest is just as good as any other priest in one spell or one category of spell. - and a shop ending character creation where you can buy your starting equipment.
  10. Basically they released Sword of the star II: ''Two or three years ago we had to publish games we couldn't really stand behind and that damaged our reputation, '' And now, they are just cautious, they don't want to release a product which sucks. 1/. This is good that they are cautious 2/. This is good that they are not willing to distribute a product which sucks Mostly, I think Paradox will just check if the game is not too buggy and does not present too many broken features. The rest is up to Obsidian.
  11. It's the usual question on a dev forum, what is certain is that the person in charge of sound and music created a thread and read through all comments.
  12. I got to admit I stopped it after 15 min, didnt like the tone of the reader.
  13. For sure it would not be ''more fluid''. As for the rest, if your wish is for PoE to get /turn, it will not happen, at this time so near release (even if we are talking months). This should have been made a long time ago if it was the direction of the project.
  14. I waited all day for the next day, because I know that the day after that will be the release of POE patch.
  15. I like many of your ideas, but it will not happen in Path of Exile, reason is, they already have an engine, and they would probably need to re-work or change engine for a barbarian to jump on a table, or any to hide behind a box, or digging and cutting tree, ambushing etc. They also are way to close to release date to do any of that. But I wish one developer would get some of your idea in their next crpg. Really, Ill keep it simple, I like fun. I like when you play Fallout and you see heads exploding. I like when you play Fallout and just headshot everything. I like when you play Fallout and smash things with Super Hammer. I like playing Fallout with my big paladin armor of the wasteland. I like talking to mutties. This is very ''basic'', this would also fit the description ''simplistic and idiot'' but it FEELS good. It manage to get me smile when I play. And going through Pillars of Eternity with a barbarian jumping on table to smash heads, I say YES. I laugh already.
  16. Just go over this link: audible.com/wizards Create an account if you do not own an amazon account. Enjoy! Here is what we are talking about: And here is what you get in your library: As you can see it is worth about 20 hours. I heard about this promotion thanks to acomicbookgirl who hosts a show on youtube. Also if you use audible.com/acomicbookgirl you'll have one audio book of your choice for free regardless of its price. I myself picked The Dark Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft vol 1. (3hrs) I did not yet start any of this, so I don't exactly know what to expect and if im going to like this media or not, but I guess that much free is a good way to have a taste of it.
  17. Hm... I answered a survey with Judge, jury and executioner of the Obsidian Order, but it doesn't seem to take effect on the forum.
  18. She got decent boobs. Also liked a lot Risen 3, probably the best Risen so far I would say. And 3rd best PB, among Gothic 1 and 2.
  19. I usually have quite the inspiration for suggestions, but in POE's case, I think most I could come with already been voiced in this thread. - I would like to be able to pick my weapon of choice at character creation, and in order to achieve that, I would like a shop style to end character creation. Player starts naked with some gold and use this little gold to buy its equipment, equipment range to poor to average quality. You can buy a fine piece of shortsword (etc.) but then, will be limited to buy anything else. Choices, choices, choices. Arcanum style. Maybe some bonus from stats when achieving very high numbers. In DD, high wisdom would give mind shield In Arcanum every stat had a special bonus when at 20, Strength was double damage for melee Dexterity was a big bonus to speed Constitution was poison immunity Beauty was reaction modificator +100% Intelligence was +10% hit chance with spell Willpower was immunity to will-based spells Charisma was 100% loyalty from characters (so they didnt get angry or leave your party due to your karma) Achieving 20 in a stat was hell of fun, and you could feel special already. Although you would get attribute points with level up.
  20. You don't need hope, you just need patience, this thing is probably going to be the best thing that happened on computers since internet.
  21. Yes to arrows. I wish they are expensive, and not just an inventory annoyance, but really feel like a resource. Arrows were pretty expensive in middle age. Probably not as much as a sword, but I would say 5 of them could buy you a short sword.
  22. I voted no. Although, I think sometimes we could get some experience. My vision is: if you fight against some adversaries, you should be rewarded by experience. Like mythical creatures, very strong opponents, or simply because you made it YOUR quest. No one told you to do it, you just planed it yourself, and it should be rewarded. So vastly: No. But sometimes, in very few circumstances: Yes.
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