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  1. I really like needing to meet certain strength requirements as the bow damage rises.If you had a magic damage stat you could also tie in larger damage implements with that stat?
  2. Wands a magical. Therefore, they attack with arcane energy. They might be crafter by mages. No one said they draw energy from users magical prowess. Or do you just want to have maxed out weapon and spell damage at the same time without investing extra attribute points as you did in PoE, hmm? If magical implements are not using the casters energy then why is it only magic casters use them?I guess its just my vision of them but I always thought of them as an item that lets a caster throw out magical energy damage with little cost of their magic reserves,I guess all this time I have been vi
  3. Easy Cataracts,a huge amount of people were really bothered by might=damage.Just cause you need might to mean damage doesnt etc etc.Let Sawyer give it a shot for goodness sake!
  4. ...A wand is a weapon so it uses Strength...I'm sorry, I should do what with a magical implement? Swing it hard and bash enemies heads with it? Or maybe poke someone's eyes with it? Or should I channel my magic powers into the wand so that it could amplify them into a magic missile? Shouldn't that use Resolve or Intelligence? Please for the love of immersion do not fix strength and then simply leave wands as a strength based weapon.This should stem for their magic power.
  5. Even better is at start of a new game have an option to turn off permanently,like POTD.
  6. Please for the love of life and liberty do not ship the game with a console.This ruined Skyrim for me as I am weak and just console in whatever I want.
  7. Take away resolves deflection? That is how I build my characters so that I can wear lighter armors and attack faster.This is not good!
  8. Whatever happened to attacking with melee characters and having a wizard throw some magic around the battlefield?I have read that 3 times now and it still makes no sense so I think many people will play POE2 with no real idea of what is actually happening.Good or bad is the question I now ponder?!
  9. IS the problem here that many of the POE fans are hardcore POTD solo players while the devs are striving to make a great party based RPG that forces you to use all 5 characters with differing classes to fill in the deficiencies....ala D&D?
  10. Simply adding a button to the UI that toggles between a walk and run animation (assuming there are walk animations for all party members) probably wouldn't take long. Checking all the possible interactions that button might have for bugs will take a lot lonBet People wanna get immersed into these worlds.I wonder how much people will have bitched if Skyrim shipped with no walk animations due to Howard deeming it not necessary.
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