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  1. I really like needing to meet certain strength requirements as the bow damage rises.If you had a magic damage stat you could also tie in larger damage implements with that stat?
  2. Wands a magical. Therefore, they attack with arcane energy. They might be crafter by mages. No one said they draw energy from users magical prowess. Or do you just want to have maxed out weapon and spell damage at the same time without investing extra attribute points as you did in PoE, hmm? If magical implements are not using the casters energy then why is it only magic casters use them?I guess its just my vision of them but I always thought of them as an item that lets a caster throw out magical energy damage with little cost of their magic reserves,I guess all this time I have been viewing them wrong as I have with light-sabers for decades.I always thought that light-sabers were items of such tremendous mass that no one could even lift hold them up without the force and the Jedi's mind power to move them around.Also,once dropped they would just cut into the ground and be lost forever.LOL way wrong there also!
  3. Easy Cataracts,a huge amount of people were really bothered by might=damage.Just cause you need might to mean damage doesnt etc etc.Let Sawyer give it a shot for goodness sake!
  4. ...A wand is a weapon so it uses Strength...I'm sorry, I should do what with a magical implement? Swing it hard and bash enemies heads with it? Or maybe poke someone's eyes with it? Or should I channel my magic powers into the wand so that it could amplify them into a magic missile? Shouldn't that use Resolve or Intelligence? Please for the love of immersion do not fix strength and then simply leave wands as a strength based weapon.This should stem for their magic power.
  5. Even better is at start of a new game have an option to turn off permanently,like POTD.
  6. Please for the love of life and liberty do not ship the game with a console.This ruined Skyrim for me as I am weak and just console in whatever I want.
  7. Take away resolves deflection? That is how I build my characters so that I can wear lighter armors and attack faster.This is not good!
  8. Whatever happened to attacking with melee characters and having a wizard throw some magic around the battlefield?I have read that 3 times now and it still makes no sense so I think many people will play POE2 with no real idea of what is actually happening.Good or bad is the question I now ponder?!
  9. IS the problem here that many of the POE fans are hardcore POTD solo players while the devs are striving to make a great party based RPG that forces you to use all 5 characters with differing classes to fill in the deficiencies....ala D&D?
  10. Simply adding a button to the UI that toggles between a walk and run animation (assuming there are walk animations for all party members) probably wouldn't take long. Checking all the possible interactions that button might have for bugs will take a lot lonBet People wanna get immersed into these worlds.I wonder how much people will have bitched if Skyrim shipped with no walk animations due to Howard deeming it not necessary.
  11. IMO no reason for health when injuries can be deciding factor on when to go to an inn.I feel they also should not force you to use camping supply to reset spells and abilities.kinda breaks immersion when you sleep in dungeons every five levels. Also if you are very on top of preventing your characters from dropping you can go thru a whole dungeon and never need to backtrack or rest.
  12. Wraiths in general have waaaay to many abilities for an early game mob. They teleport, they damage, some shoot frost bolts, some make copies. They should have been built up as a mid game mob. All IMO.....I really like POE but I agree that so many creatures are thrown at player early on that should of been saved for later.For balance purposes but also for immersion.Its like in POE you just move a few feet on map and bam a new creature type appears that are just standing around.Dangerous creatures should not be standing all over maps right near major cities, Keep alive creatures above ground and undead below ground was my first uhhh.Creepy (dark) dungeons are where undead types belong while the Engwithan ruins(with more lighting all around) have there own class of enemies with animats etc.And when you are tasked to enter a dangerous crypt have the quest giver give some insight like..legend says its haunted by #### and here is as much as we know to fight them.Just little tips like they are immune to pointy weapons for example. And why make ogres so silly to fight.I never need anything but point and click one by one till they are all down.They could be later game combatants with crazy strength where you need to send spells of hold,tanglefoot etc to keep their massive damage hits away.Hard hitting and hard to take down but slow is where I think they should be. Again all IMO.
  13. That'd be pretty cool tbh. It could also be a sort of sign that "Danger is close". Sort of a "Combat is about to happen Clarity". Or some sort of "Wilderness Lore" Skill equivalent, and the character that has highest value will always unsheathe his/her weapon first in a dungeon/area. I suggested something similar for Eternity 1, but more environmental and for the Player themselves to be detectives. Bones outside a cave, blood on a wall, NPC's talking about a "scary keep" or whatnot. Warnings to give the Player a hint "There's danger that way". But with Unsheathing and Sheathing there might be a more immediate way to do it as well. Example: Eder has 10 "Instinct" (example name), he can sense something in this place and unsheathes his weapon. The Player can then choose to unsheathe the rest of their party. Situations: 1) You're in town, walking about. Suddenly Eder unsheathes his weapon. You walk about a little bit more, even though the townspeople are giving him weird looks. BAM! Ambush from a nearby alley. Or it could affect how enemies are attacking. Strolling about without "Instinct" could place you in an awkward position in the ambush, but Eder unsheathing his weapon would cause the enemies to attack straight away and start combat? Sort of: A/with "Skill") "Something isn't right... better take out my weapon... yup, those guys there want to fight" vs B/without "Skill") "We're being engaged from all sides!?" 2) Random encounters, the character with the highest value will always be unsheathed first/at the start of encounter. 3) Going into a dungeon, enemies around a corner, you wouldn't know it, but Eder does. He can smell it! He takes out his weapon. 4) Dialogue is realtime, so what if a conversation takes a wrong turn? Eder unsheathes his weapon mid-dialogue, before it is finished, because he knows punchin is about to happen. Thinking about it, it could be called "Initiative". I don't know how Unsheathing and Sheathing exactly affects combat, if it does in any shape or form. It should take a little bit of a moment to unsheathe your weapon when combat starts? Enough time for an enemy to get a sucker punch in, maybe? What if you get stunned mid-Unsheathe animation? Or knocked down? Can you get Interupted, making it so you engage in combat later and starting off at a disadvantage? The "danger is close" triggering to pull out weapons would look great but It might detract from having to stealthily track thru dungeons while searching thru cloud of war for next trap/enemy as it would signal to you that danger is ahead?
  14. Pleasure in the game for me stems from trying to min max the whole 6 characters to work as a team as best as possible and with removing the workload for me as much as possible.Sadly I am not able to do that with the companions so I have started running around with mercenaries instead and just take one companion at a time to do their quests.No squishy characters for me so I bump up resolve to max for all as micromanaging dulls gameplay for me. Last night I made a pair of elf brothers (Renfal and Renfak) who adapted to compliment each other in battles.One has high intellect causing long duration of crippling effects wherein his brother is a high damage,quick firing critical hit build.Really fun to play them.
  15. I find that I enjoy stealthily moving thru the dungeons searching for hidden stuff though I do play the game on fast speed though so the stealth movement speed is alot faster.
  16. Another issue is we now have characters auto sheathing their weapons after combat in Deadfire.Its a nice step but IMO as characters are creeping stealthily thru a dungeon they should look like they are ready for battle with weapons out.Simple button for sheathing prevents the kool new idle animations happening when in dangerous areas.
  17. They could randomly alternate the pierce and slash animations and I think that would look real nice.
  18. Whisper of treason is the spell. Putting my first comment aside,POE on my first run was so disappointing that I quit as soon as I got to Dyrford village.Yrs later and POE has me hooked completely with me spending another $25 bucks.Keep digging deep Josh and crew!
  19. When a friend is down remove their circle to remove the frustration. Fix the severe imbalances with classes.For example a 1st level cipher spell that controls enemies is wrong.Total domination of a character should be saved for high level spells only with early level spells just causing confusion etc.Ciphers on solo runs making fighters and melee characters just feel less important is not balance Josh?!
  20. Why is this not in for POE1? It would be perfect if it paused when idle and chose the character that was now idle.
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