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  1. Now I understand why it doesn't matter which character starts conversations..... I thought it strange that the nearest character would initiate conversation.
  2. Fantastic news!! Almost finished updating! Thank-you!
  3. :dancing: Backer beta downloading as I type this Greeting!!!! :biggrin: ....Yipeeee all done.!!! :dancing: :dancing:
  4. Nevermind after a pain staking search I found it on the net...... there is also a link in the pamphlet that comes with the retail disk version,but that address is not valid. I relly think for 49.99 + tax there should have been a physicle copy included with the game..... I feel in a little ripped in this respect.
  5. What I mean is the narative story telling reminds me of the Icewind Dale series.... Anyone else feel this way? I really think they have done a superb job!!!
  6. All I want to know is there a proper game manuel can I find for DS3? Mine just came with an introduction lore narative and thats it. I have the PC version.
  7. Found 46 different Ragman. The group is now public, so you can join without an invitation. Nevermind .... Just joined!!! Thanks!!
  8. Hello Bendu! Great idea there!! Please sign me up!! Can't wait to play!! Thanks!!! Steam community ID is "Ragman".
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