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Hi! I'm not a self-identified gamer. I've played through PoE 1 and absolutely loved it.

I downloaded PoE II via the Mac App Store, which I'm guessing at this point was my first mistake?

I've searched all the threads etc. re: the frozen game before character creation on Macs like mine, and most of the 1.0.2 fixes seem to be just for Steam users? (I had to search what "steam" was!

Will there be an update via the Mac App Store eventually? Kinda sad that I downloaded this game last week and haven't played past the first 20s.

With Victoria Day long weekend approaching I was so looking forward to diving into it! Thanks!

Apple is probably still reviewing the patch before putting it on their App Store. This can take a few days.

Why is this a thing people tolerate?

Obviously they have to check for viruses, not sure what you’re complaining about. You’d think they would whitelist trusted vendors though.

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Guest Jamila

Can anyone confirm that level scaling is actually implemented? I've heard rumblings that, regardless of patch notes, it is not.

From what (little, admittedly) I saw, yes, but I read in another thread that scaling is apparently based on difference between zone's level (an unknown value) and player's level and capped at 4 levels. If that is true, players may routinely encounter underleveled enemies even with scaling in fact enabled and working, hence confusing reports.

Link: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100039-mod-level-scaling-mod-released/

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I'm playing POTD and checking my character sheet I see no bonus stats so you're clearly bugged.

I told you it was a bug NOT to see them, sail on ur boat and press C whilst sailing and u see them, I just told you a dev said its meant to be in game can you not read?


+15 accuracy +25% max hp under the label "Path of the damned" doesn't come out of nowhere, maybe if it had no name tag, but it was clearly tagged as "Path of the damned" and that's not some error in code thats not how things work.


If it was an error it be something like "e8a128^!.exe" not 4 clearly typed out words.



Getting bonus stats for playing POTD would be counter-intuitive to playing the difficulty. Seeing as the only time the stats get inflated is when the PC is on sailing (not even actually on the boat stats go back to normal on deck) that clearly means it's probably not intended (which you know means it's a bug as people have been trying to tell you) and thankfully doesn't effect actual combat.


And I read about as well as you write.


Dev > everyone else, when it comes to whats supposed to be in game.


Your reasoning is pretty fair, but still it's what devs have said has meant to be there.

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Can confirm that you do not need to start a new game for Eder's end game state to be fixed. When I talked to him the option to ask him what he did after the legacy ended was not greyed out anymore, and when clicking it he this time told me the correct story :D


However, it seems you do have to start a new game to get the orlan baby. Went back to Valerio's Rest to see if she's there but nope, and she isn't on my ship either. Is there any way to get her when you're already past the intro? I'm way too far into the game now to start a new one, but this is the only bug that I'm really bothered by, I was so looking forward to meeting her in this game :(

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I hope they give us a sneak peek in whats about to change, i'm playing on potd because veteran is too easy, but i'm concerned i wont be good enough for potd once they change it...i'm very early in to the game, just arrived at neketaka and its really ok in terms of difficulty so far.

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1.0.2 didn't seem to fix the memory leak issue either. Still dropping frames / stuttering after an extended play session of 2 hours or so...

And strangely enough I never encountered this problem prior to 1.0.2 either...

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if you decide to side with principi and help captain aeldys, it's broken. A dance with death quest does not progress, and eventually you can't get the last mission. You can technically still sail to Ukaizo with the ghost ship but can't enter the zone. So yeah it is a pretty big and annoying bug

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