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  1. She's on the rooftop of the pallace (take the stairs up from the throne room floor). I agree she isn't easy to find, it took me a while until I found out about it too ^^;
  2. Voted for Nemnok cause he just wants to be big and have knowledge and free imps from servitude. Those are good goals to have, you go Nemnok, I support you. I disliked all the others really. I'm with those that say that the gods are overexposed in this game and lost the mysteriousness they had in the first game. Not really fond of their art either, I preferred it when they didn't really have a 'shape', like Wael is just all kinds of kith and Hylea was 'shown' as various kinds of birds. Them having an actual look kinda ruins them for me. Also wasn't fond of the meetings, there was no rea
  3. Overall I did love the game, having put 106 hours in it (I am slow). It was a very enjoyable game, with lots of humor and fun/interesting quests. But like others have said, it wasn't a memorable game. I guess it's mostly due to the main story, which I was very excited for when watching the trailer, but failed to grip me in the way that PoE 1's did. It doesn't help that the rest of the game feels completely unrelated to it. And the ending felt so abrupt too, like you go through storms, defeat a mechanic dragon and everything to find Eothas. Only to not be able to stop him and just say 'ok could
  4. Thanks a lot for adding eye colors and being able to customize your character during the game, those are both things I was really hoping for! :D Not a bug but just a suggestion: it would be nice if you can click the shield icons at the bottom (the ones that say "Sex & Race", "Class Selection" etc.) to take you to that specific page. So e.g. if you want to change your race you don't have to click previous lots of times first. (Or maybe it is a bug cause when I click one of those shields, I do get the selection sound, but nothing happens)
  5. Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the Beta Patch this morning and it fixes my problem of not being able to ally with the Huana! Talking to Onekaza now makes her acknowledge that I failed to ally with the Wahaki but will still support me on my way to Ukaizo, so I can continue the game now. The Fruitful Alliance quest is now in my journal as a finished quest too. Thanks a lot for making a Beta Patch available!
  6. Update: I went and did "Shadow under Neketaka" and after that blew up the RDC powder house for Onekaza. She now tells me that we can go to Ukaizo as soon as they've allied with the Wahaki. So she's assuming I got the Fruitful Alliance quest, which I still never got. Went back to the Wahaki tribe to see if anything changed. When asking the leader again why they're so on edge, I can tell her again that I killed the slavers. She's first happy but then angry cause the RDC is now on Crookspur and somehow she seems to blame me for it. When looking through my finished quests I now find a quest na
  7. I'd like to add that it's impossible for me to advance "Of Like Minds" too, though in my case I have done the quest, but it won't disappear from my journal. Furrante told me to go to Crookspur on his own, Castol told me to go to Furrante about it after I had already done the Crookspur quest (or well in my case I freed the slaves instead). Castol does acknowledge I've already done it, but the quest doesn't disappear from my journal and still tells me to talk to Furrante. Furrante however has no dialogue for this, not before or after I went to Magran's Teeth.
  8. Well my apologies, now I feel stupid haha. Since I've done pretty much all side quests I can do for now, I've decided to proceed with the main quest and spoke with Onekaza cause I wanted to side with the Huana to go to Ukaizo. The dialogue that tells her this actually triggered the "Shadow under Neketaka" quest so I did still get that! I'm sorry, I assumed that clicking that dialogue would take me to the endgame so I avoided that until I did everything else. I thought those two quests were supposed to happen before that so assumed there was no way I'd be able to get them anymore ^^; So
  9. Yeah I've figured that now, would've been nice to have known before going to Ashen Maw ^^; I mean I'm being told in-game I should go to Margan's Teeth asap but at the same time it seems I should first complete most other quests, so that seems very contradictory. I know games often don't really mean it when they tell you to hurry, but with Eder's quest the game is serious about having to hurry, so some clarity on these kinda things would sure be appreciated.
  10. I'm unable to receive the following two quests: "Shadow under Neketaka" and "Fruitful Alliance". From what I've read I'm supposed to receive "Shadow under Neketaka" from Onekaza after I've been to Hasongo. I did receive the letter to report to her after that, but after doing some other quests first I ended up close to Magran's Teeth, and decided to progress the main quest a bit further first. The game told me in multiple ways that there was urgency behind this quest (Eothas himself tells me I should hurry and my character can tell multiple people that she needs to go to Magran's Teeth asap
  11. I'm happy to see more people are bothered by this. I also at first accepted both Furrante's quest to go to Crookspur and the administrator's quest there and lost Serafen in the process cause there was no option available to tell him I was actually planning to betray these both bastards, but wanted to accept the quests first cause I don't wanna make a fuss immediately. I was really surprised by this cause when you accept a quest to steal some adra from the Vailian Trading Company, Pallegina gets angry at you too but you actually can tell her then that you aren't going to do it. I reloaded a
  12. I also would love an option to turn off the narrator. It's not that I dislike her specifically, I just dislike unspoken text being narrated at all. It's distracting, cause I simply read way faster than her, and it also breaks immersion for me. It's just really weird for me that a voice is telling me what I'm seeing or doing.
  13. Can confirm that you do not need to start a new game for Eder's end game state to be fixed. When I talked to him the option to ask him what he did after the legacy ended was not greyed out anymore, and when clicking it he this time told me the correct story :D However, it seems you do have to start a new game to get the orlan baby. Went back to Valerio's Rest to see if she's there but nope, and she isn't on my ship either. Is there any way to get her when you're already past the intro? I'm way too far into the game now to start a new one, but this is the only bug that I'm really bothered b
  14. Not sure if this really counts as a bug or if it was simply intentional but: I have the option "Show Qualifiers" disabled cause I'd rather see the convo options without game info like that. However, it seems that things like how much money you're going to give someone when paying them to solve a quest are included in that option. So now each time I pick an option like "I could pay you for it" I have no idea how much money I'm going to pay the person. For example here's a convo with Show Qualifiers on: And with it disabled: So in the last image I thought I was just talki
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