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  1. Attaboy, came here to fight... If you chose different approach you wouldn't be able to help or give advice anyway. So your post is irrelevant, same as mine. Ta-tah
  2. Not gonna waste time on any praises, just want to focus on this particular fight. Pirates here are invincible, no matter the spell, items, buffs or debuffs this fight is a pure ****show. I've been reloading it for more than 30 times. Even if I manage to kill couple of them they suddenly don't miss, they don't even hit, THEY CRIT all the time. It's impossible to win this battle. These pirates are same level as I am (except the Daionne), yet all I get is miss, graze, no penetration, no matter the weapon or spell I try. Look at their stats ffs. At my level they have resits to everything and it's ****ing over 9000. Whatever ability I try I don't do nearly enough damage to clear this "random encounter". Don't tell me I could avoid it, because I want to kill them and I don't want to reload last quick save. Not only performance is ****ty and I have to use special k "fix" in order to avoid freezing every 15 seconds, the flow of this game is terrible. On release it was a mess, so I gave up...if this continues throughout the game or I even experience more severe issues I will abandon it again. Truly a disappointment. There...I needed to vent since you don't deserve money for this unity abomination.
  3. Have you tried a workaround, using petrification scrolls on those Shades? Easier to kill them. My first playthrough was on Veteran and it was a good balance between challenging and enjoyable.
  4. Greetings fellow travelers, Can anyone tell me how can I acquire full soundtrack from the link below? Is there anything additional to buy? I can see that it is available on CD Baby, but I would like FLAC files, not MP3s. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_(Deluxe_Edition)_(Original_Soundtrack) Thank you!
  5. Confirming that 1.02 didn't solve all import issues. My imported save didn't have Pallegina in party, yet I'm able to ask questions from PoE1.
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