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  1. I tried the 1.1 patch, but it just crashes on the splashscreen. w10, latest ati driver for an r9 270x.
  2. Any idea whether the watcher retraining -> lost skills will be fixed retroactively? I can't redo the lost trainings/watcher abilities.
  3. I started a run when the 1.0.2 patch hit. Although it got messed up today because I retrained my watcher. Turns out you lose all watcher abilities + trainings. And ofcourse I notice after doing my save cleanup.
  4. Sadly also ran into this one. Lost my watcher abilities + trainings. Bit odd it isn't listed in major bugs.
  5. On the last floor if you sneak by the woedicans without triggering them and pull the lever the quest logs get updated with the state that he died despite him still being on trial.
  6. Glad to see that it's live and that so many issues are resolved.
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