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  1. Update: the problem is still relevant and it emerges on Trial of Iron only, even when there is only one character with a respective name.
  2. What is the origin of the sentient races in PoE? Did they emerge independently or are they some kind of mutations of a previously unique species?
  3. It was my initial plan, but now I cannot use automatic pistols after the patch :_) The main idea is to switch between fists and pistols/blunderbusses while being on drugs, therefore Nalpazca looks like a good choice. On the other hand, I can use drugs and unarmed with other classes too! Anyway, I need to choose a right multiclass. At the moment my priorities are: Nalpazca Devoted Assassin (Streetfighter?) Priest of Skaen
  4. It is good that some game-breaking abilities were nerfed, although nerfing too much stuff will take feel of "special" from builds. Generally, it is better to buff underdog abilities than nerf good ones, provided that PotD is difficult enough.
  5. Hi! As soon as the game is finally patched, I would like to play a character inspired by Grammaton Clerics from Equilibrium. What build would you suggest to represent gun kata, Prozium and other aspects of these martial art experts? Also what PoE1 ending would best suit a loyalist and rebel "Grammaton Clerics" in your opinion? Thanks in advance .
  6. Hi, Caleb! I have not noticed this issue (and many others) addressed in the new build. Did you mean another unspecified future build?
  7. Could you please advise if various ranged weapon and invisibility issues have been fixed or they are to be fixed in the next patch? I need to decide whether it is time to play the game Namely https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100430-ranged-weapon-reload-time-does-not-drop-below-31/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100206-ranged-weapon-combo-bug/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100158-confounding-blind-bug/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99799-3-issues-with-rods-modal/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99022-invisibility-ceases-combat/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99014-3-shots-with-2-guns-swift-flurry-powder-burns-multiple-times/ Also any news on difficulty achievements?
  8. Thank you all for the comments on PEN. The current system turns out to be not so bad (could be worse ), although the game lacks internal information on mechanics again. This might be relevant to PEN as well, but in my opinion Graze and Crit should have been multiplicative multipliers. Probably I am influenced by the traditions of rpgs where crits are almost always multiplicative.
  9. It gets capped at 1.00) Armor penalty reduction effects can only reduce the penalty up to 0. Sorry for an off-top, but as you mentioned armor... if I lack armor penetration and get -25% dmg, is it addtitive with damage bonuses such as an active ability bonus, for example +25% damage + -25% damage = basic damage or 1,25*0,75=0,93?
  10. Looking forward to see combat issues fixed. No point in adding new features without making the game playable and somehow balanced in its current state. Absence of the difficulty achievements looks like a confirmation that the gameplay basics are not finished yet.
  11. Rest in peace, a billion ranged monk builds! Better this solution than none.
  12. Hello, Caleb! It is currently impossible to provide the above mentioned files, however could you please specify if it is recommended to delete the saves of the other characters with the same name? BTW, the screenshot was uploaded just to show that the game did not save upon entering the location (the shown save occurred upon leaving the town before).
  13. It looks like while some abilities need balancing, some other just don't seem to work as intended - although that might be not always a technical bug. First of all, it is about Swift Flurry, but there are other cases to be considered. There are some discussions in the "Character Builds" section, but I have never seen an official response - even the PotD patch announcement is silent about balancing. Needless to say that without fixing some of these problems, amending PotD is useless. Some of the respective topics: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99868-the-big-nerf-list-patch-12-wip/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99148-swift-flurry-rework-discussion/
  14. What about ability balance, also when are solo and PotD achievements going to be available?
  15. What? Why? My suggestion is Rogue for Riposte and Wizard for the Signs. Invest into alchemy, explosives and great swords. Human, of course. Why would you hesitate?
  16. Oh, hell! Are you handcrafting each item whenever you find a new one in the game?
  17. This is a bug indeed. Hover over the attack roll in your combat log with the cursor and press shift. You will learn much interesting information. If you are being hit, you will see +15 to the foe's accuracy. If you are hitting the enemy, you will see his +15 defence. If you did not know this, this thread was not created in vain . Thank you! Let it be a wonderful day for you as well! Fall in love or enjoy your favourite ice-cream .
  18. Hi! This is a post expressing a wish to see the +15 modifiers of PotD integrated into the enemy stats while watching the combat log. At the current state, seeing them as a separate line referring to the difficulty gives some artificial flavour to the combat.
  19. Exactly my reaction. With the way agro is designed getting a bonus on disengagement attacks actually help the tank keep mobs on him. How is agro designed? Is there a guide in the Cyclopedia or on the Forum?
  20. Before leaving a location you should rest, without the soul void necklace on, to prevent yourself from having the drug crash. You'll still have the -1 wounds per 3 seconds debuff though. Lack of punishment for resting too often has always been a drawback of Obsidian games (most CRPGs actually). Is there any punishment here? Are the expenses serious enough? Is there any story/quest-wise reason not to abuse resting?
  21. Another probable drawback of Nalpazca and drug abuse in general: your non-combat interactions on the world map and upon entering a location are affected by crash debuffs most of the time. If anyone paid attention, please confirm.
  22. Mostly true. The healing effect from Whiteleaf is the only drug quality (other than durations) that is affected by the Nalpazca bonus. Does it mean that Alchemy affects only the duration with the other drugs?
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