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Finally have found time to test UPMod with the new Definitive Edition.


DE didn't incorporate any fixes from UPMod, nor changed the affected classes, so UPMod v1.01.306 works fine, but it no longer displays it's version on the Start Screen. Reason being that PoE has migrated to different versioning and has modified the UIVersionNumber class.


You can continue using UPMod v1.01.306, or you can download the new v1.01.370. It's the same thing, but incorporates the fix for version display, so it will become visible and you would know that it is installed, like this:




Have updated the post with downloads: here

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Does anybody by chance has a compiled assembly dll for OS X with the UPMod and IEMod incorporated? Since the upgrade to Catalina I've lost the opportunity to do this myself, not being able to run a 32-bit version of Mono.

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Guest Wullack


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