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  1. Hey guys, I've reinstalled this game and I'm wondering if making a Chanter a pure Summoner is possible. If so, what would be the optimal stats and what items should i use. I really want to make it work so it does not need to be PotD ready. I'm also planning to import the same character to Deadfire. Thanks for anyone who would reply!
  2. Yes. 2 levels in White March pt. 1 and another 2 in part 2. It adds new spells and unique/soulbound items as well.
  3. Can anyone give me a way on how to use it? Like i know that there's a bug where it still hits your allies even if they are in the yellow template and all but i really want to make a character who utilizes this skill. I just need pointers or insights on how to properly use it, when to use it, stat and ability allocation and the optimal party composition (non-custom) I know it's not a great skill but any tip would be appreciated.
  4. Nice! Going to start a now game now. It's a bummer that the Powder Burns issue can't be fixed but hey, we can't have everything, right? I really appreciate the work that you put in making this patch. The world needs more people like you. Cheers!
  5. Wow this looks awesome! I'm planning to do another playthrough with a chanter MC. I just want to clarify if i use this patch, will "the dragon thrashed" chant be affected by scion of flame and racial damage talents like beast slayer, ghost hunter etc.?
  6. Wow! Thanks for the replies, guys. 30+ hours leading to level 13 ruined. I'll probably reroll a new MC. I really love the idea of the quick switching guns thingy, I'll give it a spin. Also, they should've let non-amaua races pick Arms Bearer twice heheh. I don't fancy those big dudes brandishing pistols. I personally think that firearms are for regular sized bandits and ruffians who does not have the physical prowess and discipline to use conventional martial weapons. Thanks again. And Boeroer, i can't wait to see your Wizard Gunner or should i say "Winner" build. It sounds interesting and unique.
  7. Just started playing this awesome game a while ago and my MC is a Ranger who specializes in firearms. I'm just wondering why Powder Burns is still damaging my front liners even if they are in the yellow part of the template. Is this intentional? I'm really bummed out right now because i was really looking forward in blasting enemies with that skill. Also can anyone suggest any firearms themed builds that does not switch to bows? Thanks!
  8. Has the issue with the ranger's powder burns still damages your allies even if they are on the safe side (yellow) template been fixed? That bug really made me quit my playthrough.
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