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Hey guys, I've reinstalled this game and I'm wondering if making a Chanter a pure Summoner is possible. If so, what would be the optimal stats and what items should i use. I really want to make it work so it does not need to be PotD ready. I'm also planning to import the same character to Deadfire. Thanks for anyone who would reply!

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A late reply, but a reply anyway. I’ve been thinking about the same thing... I didn’t end up delving into it deeply, so I won’t be able to give you a detailed guide. And I’m only returning to the game. But take it as food for thought. 

The summons can be very great. Phantom and Ogres are, for example, great fun. See if you can find some synergies between your chants and your summons... you could, for example, test wether Sure Handed enhances the attack speed of the worms. There’s is also a chant that makes moving characters leave a trail of ice, that could be fun if applied to a summon. Both of these chants come relatively early, so you’ll see if the basic notion works out for you.


The beauty of a pure summon chanter is that the only stat you need is intellect, and so you have an enormous freedom. Turn it into a tank if you wish too. Since Dexterity is also quite useful (quicker summons), you could also opt for a ranged DPS build, or a sort of ranged CC using certain Weapons: Stormcaller, used on a changer, can trigger Thunder Rolled like Black Waves. Borresaine (?) can stun on Crits. I’m sure you can find others. In PoE 2, Rods (I believe) have a blast modal, which means you could go for a ranged interrupt build. Such a ranged CC/Summoning Chanter would opt for high Dex, Per and (especially) Int. Sure Handed would be a bread and butter Chant. Alternatively, since you’ll be at the back a lot, you can specialise in buffing chants. This would make your changer tripple use: Weapon CC, Summoning Damage and Chanting Buffs.


Again, its all theory. Food for thought, not more, but something at least.

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