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  1. A late reply, but a reply anyway. I’ve been thinking about the same thing... I didn’t end up delving into it deeply, so I won’t be able to give you a detailed guide. And I’m only returning to the game. But take it as food for thought. The summons can be very great. Phantom and Ogres are, for example, great fun. See if you can find some synergies between your chants and your summons... you could, for example, test wether Sure Handed enhances the attack speed of the worms. There’s is also a chant that makes moving characters leave a trail of ice, that could be fun if applied to a summon. Both of these chants come relatively early, so you’ll see if the basic notion works out for you. The beauty of a pure summon chanter is that the only stat you need is intellect, and so you have an enormous freedom. Turn it into a tank if you wish too. Since Dexterity is also quite useful (quicker summons), you could also opt for a ranged DPS build, or a sort of ranged CC using certain Weapons: Stormcaller, used on a changer, can trigger Thunder Rolled like Black Waves. Borresaine (?) can stun on Crits. I’m sure you can find others. In PoE 2, Rods (I believe) have a blast modal, which means you could go for a ranged interrupt build. Such a ranged CC/Summoning Chanter would opt for high Dex, Per and (especially) Int. Sure Handed would be a bread and butter Chant. Alternatively, since you’ll be at the back a lot, you can specialise in buffing chants. This would make your changer tripple use: Weapon CC, Summoning Damage and Chanting Buffs. Again, its all theory. Food for thought, not more, but something at least.
  2. Not to say that “games cause violence”, just looking for some nuance. Not to throw my full weight behind GD, but rare is the phenomenon that relies on a single cause. And thus, even though it undoubtedly is a major contributing factor, it seems doubtful wether widespread availability of guns is solely to be blamed for the high gun violence in the US. What certainly holds true - as far as I’m concerned - is that games are always embedded in a surrounding culture. So let us look at that that culture. One things that stands out the me is the lack of female shooters. Just googling for a few seconds, pew research tells me that 62% of US gun owners are men. So gun possession seems to be gendered, and same for gun culture: whereas 43% of gun owning men consume gun-related media, this holds true for only 33% of gun owning women. Furthermore, while 43% of these women use a gun for sports, 58% of the men do so. Now, these obviously aren’t enormous differences, but they are there nether the less and actually quite distinct. This is the article: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/06/29/how-male-and-female-gun-owners-in-the-u-s-compare/ What of gun culture carries over the pond? I mainly see movies and, especially, video games. And it doesn’t appear to be particularly far fetched that games can and do cater to, portray, and thereby strengthen an image of make heroism linked strongly with physical violence, aggression and, often, guns. This seems to hold true when looking at the player base: Around 5% of Shooter players, around 25% of RPG players (both notoriously prominent in their depiction of violence) are female - so not a lot. https://quanticfoundry.com/2017/01/19/female-gamers-by-genre/ So am I saying video games cause mass shootings? No, definitely not. Such a statement is ridiculously oversimplified to the point of misleading. And while wide availability of guns is certainly a big factor in the facilitation of violence, there seems, to me, to be a strong interplay with gun culture (and that of violence) in its promotion. And if this were the case, then those producing culture might feel the incentive to critically examine what they themselves portray as heroic and why. Naturally, no single game can cause or change such a culture beyond its own relationship to it. It doesn’t have to, either. A great example of a more mature, nuanced treatment of violence is in pillars of eternity: When you infiltrate Raedrics Keep, you can slaughter your way through the halls of the fortress. Yet Raedric will tell you that these people merely worked on a payroll. What hit harder for me personally was that some of the guards, when spoken to after the mission, tell you that your actions will not be forgotten by them. The moment stayed with me. And these small nods towards what violence can actually mean are often rare in video games.
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    Gottfried Benn: Ein Wort Ein Wort, ein Satz -: aus Chiffren steigen erkanntes Leben, jäher Sinn, die Sonne steht, die Sterne schweigen, und alles ballt sich zu ihm hin. Ein Wort - ein Glanz, ein Flug, ein Feuer, ein Flammenwurf, ein Sternenstrich - und wieder dunkel, ungeheuer, im leeren Raum um Welt und Ich. My attempt at a translation. German enables constructing words, which can’t be replicated in English, so keep that in mind. A word, a sentence -: from ciphers emerges recognised life, sheer meaning, the sun is up, the stars remain silent, and all spins towards him. A word - a shining, a flight, a fire, a flaming throw, a starly lining, and dark again, monstrously, in the empty space around the world and I.
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