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Well, we can buy a 4,99 DLC pack now.


Not the actual game, though.


Guessing something went wrong somewhere.


The obsidian edition was up for a bit, like 1 minute. However I am not sure it was at the right price. There seems to be some logistical issues. It happens.

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To be fair, Obsidian has a reputation to defend:


Launching anything PACG related without encountering obvious, glaring bugs would just not be in the time honored tradition of this game. So why not start by messing up the launch?

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Not on GoG though :(


There's was a short reference to gog in an earlier thread today.  It's been nuts here, so it is entirely possible that this bit of info got lost in the noise.


We haven't made an official anouncement about this, but one of the main reasons that the Ambassador Program is not available on GoG is due to the GoG version being delayed.  


I can't get into the specifics, but our game requires an online connection (and PlayFab account) to make use of many of its features. We will be working with GoG to find solutions that they feel will give their community the best DRM-free experience possible.

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