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  1. I sort of see where you're coming from. At the same time I really wish this had been done differently, couldn't you have just added some text to the collection screen to explain how the collection worked and what salvaging entailed? If possible you could also have made it impossible to salvage cards you only have one copy of? I don't know, it's just I had a system and a reason for keeping the specific number of copies of each card I did. And only one legendary is definitely too punishing. In most (if not all) cases where I have more than one copy of a legendary it's because I paid real money to buy some of the card bundles you made available during the past year. It feels extremely unfair that the Epic and Legendary Cards DLC now practically makes those purchases obsolete because I can't own more than one copy of each legendary card.
  2. I hope I'm reading that wrong, 'cause to me it sounds like you're removing extra legendries from our collection!? Am I not allowed to own more than one Unity of Iomedae, or Slaying Axe?
  3. I was playing through Thistletop Delve on legendary a few times and encountered this bug twice, making the scenario even harder to complete. I encounter Orik Vancaskerin, get the scene, and proceed to defeat him. I roll and succeed the Charisma check to choose and draw a boon from the location deck, I draw the boon and then, nothing. No prompt to attempt to close the location, my turn just continue like I'd defeated an ordinary monster and not the location's henchman.
  4. They're technically already in your collection, you just can't encounter them until you put them into your stash and then banish them, I believe. Though admittedly moving cards from the unclaimed tab to the stash is a bit tedious, as you have to (as far as I can tell) first add them to a character deck and then to the stash. And yeah it seem a bit unbalanced that you can give high deck cards to beginner level characters.
  5. The Ambassador program is still a work in progress so the linking feature hasn't been implemented onto the site yet.
  6. I'll send this over to Ryan. He was noticing a bunch of PlayFab errors related to merging. Looked through and compared the DLC card list to my vault. Definitely missing several of the promised cards (the ones I do have I already owned). Can't say if they were there before linking my account or not, didn't think to check.
  7. Maybe you're right Ethics Gradient. Either way it's late here and I'm too tired to play anything, so I'll wait until the morning at the earliest. Apparently I'm just tired enough to click on the purchase button...
  8. I was just about to ask about this. Since the sale last until the 22nd I will hold off buying it for now, but unless there is a concrete answer before that I'll probably buy it, in case the coupon doesn't stack/isn't out on time. A 25% discount is much better than a 10% discount after all (a 35% discount is even better though).
  9. I think maybe you should reply to your other thread with this info (or edit it into the original post), as it's easier for the staff to help you if all the info is in the same place
  10. I'm guessing this isn't so much a bug as missing coding, and while it isn't a mayor issue, I'd love for Sajan to actually be able to use the craft skill.
  11. Ah okay, I think both those patches might have come out during a period I wasn't playing, which probably explains why I don't have the red die.
  12. Are people who bough the bundle before dice skins were added supposed to get the red die? If that is the case, I'm also missing them.
  13. I've experienced this as well. It was somewhat frustrating at times, while other times it was a fun challenge.
  14. I also experience Invoke being banished after using it from my hand. On the other hand when I draw it with the emerald codex (which are also the only times I've encountered it) and use it, it is not banished and ends up in my inventory after the scenario is over.
  15. Okay so this isn't so much a problem with the check itself, it works fine, but with using items to auto succeed it (but I wasn't sure how to fit it into the title). I've experienced several times now when using items to auto succeed the wisdom/survival 7 start of turn check at the Mountain Peak I'm forced to bury a card.
  16. You can get cards from any adventure. I got deck six cards from the chests long before the adventure was even released. You're characters can't acquire them until you reach the adventure though.
  17. Holy Light is a B spell so you can easily get it after banishing a spell in local heroes.
  18. Yeah, from what I've experienced it's pretty much only combat checks that are affected.
  19. It's a divine spell. You're not the only one experiencing this, I've seen others report it before, and it just happened to me earlier today with Lem.
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