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  1. The Scrying/Revelation Quill bug for Into The Eye *still* exists. What the actual H. This is the only scenario you can actually lose on normal mode, and when you do, it's a TPK. I assume all development, including support, has ceased on this project? Because this bug is seriously bad. Even worse that people don't know to plan for it until after they hit it once. (Using Steam on a Windows 10 laptop.)
  2. The link doesn't work for me. Anyone care to share whatever's posted on there? On Apr 3 Aarik Dorobiala tweeted "All in good time. We're a cookin asomethin"
  3. In scenario 6.1, Cabin in the Snow, Silas Vekker is a bit more challenging than he is in the card game. I'm wondering if this is intentional. See https://www.dropbox.com/s/qj901a27v8eu5dz/vekker.png?dl=0 In the digital game, Silas has the powers Compare the card game: Expecting the card game behavior, and not reading the digital card closely, Lem and Valeros, teaming up (as they should) at the Village House, encounter Silas. (Fortunately, on Lem's turn.) I throw in the kitchen sink to get Valeros's d4 over Silas's 14 Wisdom check, and have just enough left to succeed with Lem's d6, with a card to spare for the close. THEN LEM HAS TO FIGHT HIM AGAIN. Now -- that's true to how the digital card reads... but why? There isn't a bane in any released card game set, that I can think of, that causes the encountering character to encounter it twice. (OK. I thought of one. But still.) A 14 Wisdom check is formidable for anyone not named Kyra or Lini. Why was Silas made harder in the digital game? My guess is the digital BYA power is supposed to read "each other character at this location must summon and encounter Silas". (For the record -- naturally Lem got his clock cleaned. Then, the duo regrouped, found Silas, defeated him 3 times on one turn, and were able to eke out a win in the scenario. Not by much.)
  4. Or they could change the power to read "...before you play a card that has the Attack trait..." and "...or you may not play cards that have the Attack trait". This has been the usage in the recent card game sets, I think, and Obsidian, implementing the latest rules, might have gotten tripped up by that.
  5. @Darkren -- Yeah, my numbers were off: but in your example each character buried 2 cards. For six players, that's 12 turns. There's a good chance you can get through 16 cards in 12 turns. I'm frankly stunned you played the entire adventure path without realizing Scrying and Augury let you put the cards you search for on the top OR the bottom of the deck (they all have to go to the same place -- no splitting them up). It's the main point of these spells -- if you can't draw the villain/henchman to top, you put the banes you do find on the bottom, where usually you won't have to face them.
  6. A six-character party is not going to draw 3 Rune Wardens in a row that often. It's a 16-card deck with only 7 banes. If your hand is depleted, you don't have to explore. This only costs you a card. Scrying/Augury -- you search for monsters, not villains, right? Karzoug is a monster. And if you find Karzoug, you definitely don't put him on top. The whole point is to put him on the bottom. Then you're all set. Not sure why you say everyone takes 10 damage on a fail against a warden... characters only take as much damage as you fail by... characters in deck 6 should make 23 checks pretty handily. The downside of using fewer characters is everyone buries more cards. With 6 characters, to get through 16 cards, you could explore 1/turn and still have no one bury more than three cards. With 2 characters, it could be 8 each at that velocity. (EDIT: Pointed out to me that actually that number is 6). Also, fewer characters means fewer blessings available for checks. But, like you say, the upside is fewer banes. It's beatable with every character count. In the card game, I've won with two 6-character parties and a four-character party. Every time, a key was fighting Karzoug as few times as possible (which, admittedly, sometimes is just luck).
  7. Scouting and rearranging the deck pay off big-time in 6-5. A key to winning is fighting Karzoug as few times as possible. Magic Spyglass, Revelation Quill, Scrying, Augury... these are your friends.
  8. Definitely a problem, and Lini should recharge the weasel -- but not the Rogue Ape. He's not an Animal (look at the card). He's a sentient being. "Rogue" is his class (like Fighter, Wizard, etc).
  9. Update: Vic responded on that thread. Answer: It was a mistake. Paizo gave Obsidian this text in error. The power should not have changed.
  10. Hmmmmm. Thanks. There's no word about this anywhere on the the Paizo site. There's a current thread with input from Vic about variations between the card game and the app, I'll post the question there.
  11. The variant characters are intriguing. The one I don't understand is Armored Valeros. Valeros is already very tough to kill, and explores very slowly. I don't understand giving him more armor and taking away an explore.
  12. Huh, really? I never knew that. D you have a source where they sad that? (Not that I doubt you, I just want to read the whole discussion) It was mentioned long ago on the Paizo forum. I'm looking...... Hawksignal activated! (But he's pretty busy these days), EDIT: This is a relevant thread from August 2014.. EDIT: Ripe accurately points out I'm not good at reading the threads I post.
  13. The digital game on normal mode is a pretty faithful port of the card game, and for the card game Paizo played the entire Adventure Path successfully with each character solo, so it can be done. There are some difficult points for certain characters, but it's doable. Same goes for larger parties -- any party should be able to succeed at the Adventure Path, regardless of composition. That said -- heroic/legendary is a whole new ball of wax (which doesn't exist in the card game). Not sure how the balance works out on this -- some character combinations may be nearly unworkable. And I shudder to think what legendary deck 6 is going to look like (knowing the card game).
  14. Or to be more exact: please let us choose not to attempt to acquire a boon (like the card game rules permit). This is not failing the check (although, as stated, it is failing to acquire a boon -- see Burglar).
  15. This seems a good time to mention all the rulebooks for the card game sets are available online at: http://paizo.com/pfsacg/resources The digital game seems to be obeying the latest rules pretty faithfully (i.e., Mummy's Mask).
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