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  1. I am unable to use Revelation Quill during the Into the eye scenario. I use it, pick the location Rune Well, as it's the only one there, and then I am unable to see the next 5 cards. It just does nothing. I can't back out or cancel it, or move forward. I'm stuck to forfeit the scenario and start it all over again.
  2. So I was using Valeros, against Nualia in the warrens location. After the first check, she rolled for damage again. Also I was not able to use a weapon again during the second check. I was on normal difficulty, and the only scenario power was the one that made the check to aquire items or weapons increased by 2. Would there has been a reason I couldn't use a weapon on the second check, and also, is there a reason she did damage before the second check even though I did do the check on the first time.
  3. I'm having the exact same issue. At the Guard Tower with Merisiel, alone at that location. I keep defeating Tangletooth, but he keeps getting reshuffled into the location deck. I see this was posted at the start of the year, was there anything found to fix this?
  4. Ahhhh. That's the issue. I did use a wand of fire for my attack. I'm used to play the actual card game. And man, was there ever rules I didn't understand then. There wasn't anything written what was the actual steps, or phases, or if the damage step was different or part of the same thing. I also learned you couldn't use like Cure during the damage step or whatever. Is there somewhere the full rules are written, so I could read them?
  5. I was using Seoni and was in combat against a Grazuul, on the Wooden Bridge location, Sandpoint Under Siege scenario, normal difficulty. I rolled my combat and only got an 11, and the check was 16. I had the Sihedron Medallion in my hand, but couldn't use it. It had a lock on it. So I had to discard 5 cards total, and couldn't discard the Medallion to reduce damage by 4. Is this a bug? Or am I missing a rule somewhere?
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