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  1. I'd be fine with either option. Just so long as it's clear. There's several more bugs I need to write up, if I can remember them. There were literally like 5 I encountered over the weekend but forgot to post them.
  2. Since the patch, she doesn't work right. Card text that matters is as follows: Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait, succeed at an Arcane or Divine 12 check or you may not play spells that have the Attack trait. Before you act, succeed at a Wisdom 12 check or a random character at your location is dealt Combat damage equal to the number of spells that have the Attack trait and weapons in your hand. When first encountered, she forces the 12 Wisdom check. If you fail this, you don't get prompted to discard cards equal to the number of Attack spells and weapons. Instead it moves straight to the combat check and you become unable to use Attack spells. You don't get a chance to cast a spell to make the Divine/Arcane check. Encountered her again and tried to change from Wisdom to Arcane or Divine (on Lem), and there is no option, just Wisdom. On another note, Necklace of Fireballs, which is neither a spell nor a weapon, gets locked out by her as well. It's an item with the keywords Accessory, Magic, Attack, and Item. As such, it should still be usable if you fail the Arcane/Divine check of Warcaster type enemies, or if not the wording on the card needs to be changed to state: For your combat check, banish this card to roll 3d6+12. This counts as playing a spell. This would give it the same treatment as Seoni's Arcane Blast power. Right now it doesn't have that last underlined part, and thus isn't supposed to count as casting a spell.
  3. There's a workaround for it. That happens on enemies that have both a skill check and combat, but your combat stat is lower die than your skill check (Ghost is divine/Wisdom 8, or combat 12, Seoni's Str die is 4, her Wisdom is 6, so the game thinks it's better to roll a D6 with 8 as goal instead of d4 for 12), so it keeps defaulting to Wisdom for Seoni. To get around this, until patched, manually change the check from Wisdom to Strength or Melee, then use her ability. It will work fine if you do.
  4. Another note, cards with an optional Bury, such as the Orb of Frost, Wand of Force Missiles, or Wand of Scorching Ray, where you can recharge it, do NOT count if you intentionally bury it without trying to recharge it. When it gives you the option to bury or recharge, if you tap Bury, it won't count.
  5. Found another bug that needs to be added to the list. For the Guard Tower location, where using a weapon subtracts 1 from the die roll, Merisiel's Sneak Attack is being counted as a Weapon for the purposes of Guard Tower's base ability, subtracting 1 from her die rolls even if not using a weapon, when using Sneak Attack. EDIT: It's not Guard Tower, doh. It's Waterfront. And I have to test it again to be sure, but I think it's happening with recharging/discarding non-weapons as well as weapons.
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