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  1. Well, only previous paying customers that were sold on the idea of "pay once get all versions" and veterans that had tailored their vault to their liking are getting screwed over right now and complaining. If you're a new player there was never a better time to get into the game as right now with the Steam version. I don't agree with these decisions and I feel let down big time, but I still recommend this game to my Steam friends that never played it and dismissed it as a mobile cashgrab.
  2. Curios to hear if the system is still in place (only 1 legendary even if you have 2 in your collection) and what they will do for people that had stuff auto quelled. The usual contact support with a list of missing stuff? I doubt many people kept a spreadsheet of their collection =/
  3. And to all the players that have spent real cash on there treasure card, how are you going to compensate there losses, hope its not gold to by one use items or more treasure chest for more card's that they cant keep any way, did your team think of that and just desided to shank them in the back. I Really need an explanation to why it's a good feature to have when it more or less steals people's cash!!! If you contact support you should be able to get all your stuff back if and when they decide to rollback this change/modify it to allow more cards. That shouldn't be that big of an issue.
  4. It's not broken code at all, it's a feature. The game has some crazy levels of DRM up to the point where everything resides in their servers, which is why I'm guessing the GoG version was delayed. I'm also afraid of opening the app out of fear legendaries get automatically quelled. Been playing for a while now (over a year) so I bought a bunch of chests back in the iOS version. Would opening it offline prevent the automatic card salvaging?
  5. Not sure if this is a bug or a mechanic I'm not aware of, but something seems odd. A Healing Poultice was next in the Farm location deck, I discarded an ally to try and acquire it but as soon as I draw it it disappeared with a white animation similar to when barriers are successfully cleared. No check to acquire or anything. As far as I know none of the scenario rules/card interactions I'm under warrant the card immediately banishing. EDIT: It happened again in 2-4 The Cult Exposed on Normal. Used a Spyglass, next card was a Grizzled Mercenary, discarded an ally to acquire it and it immediat
  6. Anyone knows what's up with this dice set? I can't find anything about it on the forums.
  7. Hi Wayferer, please pm me your PFID and i'll sort you out PM'd you about a similar issue. Hope you can help me out. Let me know if you get it because I don't know if PMs are also restricted on my account. Long time player but mostly lurker, so I don't have the post requirements yet and everything has to be mod approved first =/
  8. Just a heads up Even if you buy the Obsidian Edition you'll get none of the extra goodies, except for the character pack and the associated dice. Dice I lost anyways when I linked Steam to my iOS account for whatever reason.
  9. I'm one inch from uninstalling the game. There's only so much RNG I can deal with. Been trying all day to clear it on normal. I restart whenever Magga gets 3 or 4 cards on the first turn, and also restart when I'm not beating him at the end of turn 1, because by turn 2 I will be at a huge disadvantage already. I hardly get past turn 2 as it is, but a couple turns into the scenario he's already at 5+ cards and I'm nowhere near. I usually spend my blessings acquiring the few allies I do find because not every party member has the required skill. I roll with Valeros, Seoni and Kyra. So far the
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