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  1. Druid. 'Cuz I like Druids. I might multiclass into Fighter, because the save file I'm planning to import was a Fighter and I'd like the continuity. A kind of reverse Jaheira. I don't know what subclass I'll take. Haven't looked into it much. But I'm leaning towards taking whichever is the Spiritshift subclass.
  2. Gosh, I hope that is not true. I was really hoping for Eder to be a romance option. Or Pallegina in my case. Although in fairness, I did have Pallegina pegged as Character Least Likely To Be Romanceable, so it's not that huge a disappointment if she isn't a romance option.
  3. Why does it matter whether it is downloadable for the Switch or not? Is it a question of disk space? Download time/bandwith? Does the same apply to the games you play on your computer? Download time. I don't know if it's my internet connection or Nintendo's servers, but downloads on Switch seem to take way longer than they should. At least when I'm downloading something on PC, I can also do something else with no trouble. Besides, while I've gone full digital on PC, I still like to have physical cartridges for my console games.
  4. Wow. Ship combat looks rough. I can only hope it's got a really good tutorial or otherwise isn't too difficult. I mean. Yay. Previews. But... geez.
  5. I don't think I'll be downloading this if it's digital only for the Switch (unless... perhaps... the size is not too big). But if the game'll have a physical release, depending on how well the port turns out, I'll probably double dip. I like my Switch, what can I say?
  6. April is way earlier than I was expecting. I probably get started on replaying the first to get my save ready. I mean, I could just transfer one of the saves I have already, but I can't remember which one's got all the stuff I want. So...
  7. It'd be nice if games started filling the mostly barren space between small indie and ludicrously huge AAA. It's an area of gaming so underserved, I don't even know if it has its own little word or abbreviation to call it.
  8. Ah, Valeros. My preferred Fighter type characters are Seelah and Amiri, which leaves me in kind of a curious conundrum. Should I get this DLC because I don't really use Valeros or should I not get this DLC because I don't really use Valeros? I mean, I assume this campaign is tailored towards Valeros' strengths or at least his interesting quirks. So maybe I should check it out, see what he's all about.
  9. Man, these new achievements are frustrating. On the one hand, yay, new Tyranny news. On the other hand, it's not actually new Tyranny news. It's a tiny light at the end of the tunnel, except you have no idea how long the tunnel actually is or how far along inside of it you are.
  10. Well, it's sort of live. Right now, the Obsidian Edition doesn't give you the stuff it's supposed to give you. So I guess I'm waiting for someone to fix that.
  11. Well, we can buy a 4,99 DLC pack now. Not the actual game, though. Guessing something went wrong somewhere.
  12. I have a question: So the PC version is going to have special Edér and Pallegina cards. Is it possible that some future expansion would be wholly Pillars of Eternity-themed? I'm not asking if it's definitely going to happen or anything, I'm just wondering if such a thing might be possible.
  13. I don't really intend to summarize a 40-minute video, because I wouldn't know where to start and as someone who hasn't played Pathfinder don't know what's particularly relevant. But you can watch the video here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/150267657
  14. As someone who's been waiting for a PC release before getting in on this, what exactly is the difference between the Base Game and the Obsidian Edition? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DA4zX_SV0AA0NK_.jpg
  15. What, no characters from Tyranny? Well, I guess Tyranny belongs a bit too much to Paradox to include any characters.
  16. Ah, nice. I've been waiting for this for a while. Now I just have to wait some more.
  17. Well, I was going to sleep, but I guess I'll throw some money Obsidian's way first. By which I mean, I was going to sleep, but then I threw some money at Obsidian and only after did I write this post. But that doesn't sound quite as nice.
  18. You know how Obsidian is going to have a Twitch stream today? Well, for me it'll be tomorrow. Time zones. Even if the PayPal payment option is rolled out "on schedule", it might still not be on Wednesday for everyone. Wait and see, I guess.
  19. It's not out yet. Wait, ****, I screwed that up. Hang on, hang on, I got this. I can fix this. It's not out yet, but it will be. There. Better.
  20. Wait, hang on. Do I have to passively wait for society to change, or do I have to actively choose to go and change society? Or do I not count as PEOPLE?
  21. I accept that, currently, there are more male gamers than female ones. But I reject the notion that gaming is somehow inherently a masculine activity. Remember, Pink is a colour for boys. Pink is a light red, which is the colour of blood, which is a masculine colour. Boys should wear pink. Blue is a colour for girls. Blue is the colour of Mary, Mother of Christ, which is a feminine colour. Girls should wear blue. What is "for men" and what is "for women" is not set in stone. At all. Societies change, preferences change. And yes, people turn 14 every day. But why try to snag only the fourteen-year-old boys, when you could be trying to snag both fourteen-year-old boys and fourteen-year-old girls?
  22. As the US comic book industry learned, that line of logic does little for growing the market and ensuring a healthy business. Because it's really not quite as straightforward as that. "Men" is a smaller potential customer base than "Men + Women". Let us say you have a large male customer base and a small female customer base. Who do you pander to? Men? Well, there are already a lot of male customers, so what are the odds that you will get even more male customers? How many men are still going to start buying your products when they haven't before? Also, since most of the rest of the industry is probably pandering to men, how are you going to stand out from your competitors? Further, what are the odds that you are going to alienate what few female customers you do have? The industry isn't marketing to them anyway, so the odds of them sticking around when they're consistently ignored are probably pretty small. Women? Well, you have few female customers. Perhaps this is because your product just doesn't do it for them. But perhaps it's because the relentlessly male-centric marketing drives them away. Since there are currently few women customers, what are the odds that you end up attracting new women customers who haven't tried the product before? Since none of your competitors are targeting this market, you are sure to stand out and attract at least some attention. Then again, what are the odds that you are going to alienate all the male customers you have? They can go wherever they want, since the industry is catering to them anyway. Will you lose more men than attract new women? On the other hand, maybe even men are interested in something new and different once in a while. Who knows? These are very broad strokes, obviously. 'Men' aren't a uniform monolith with all the same tastes and opinions any more than 'Women' are. Still, it seems to me that for any business, a broad audience is better than a narrow one. "Our customer base is mostly male so we should include mostly men" makes sense if you're trying sell Viagra, but not if what you're selling is a piece of entertaining art/artful entertainment. Finally, let's try a different tack. FPSs sell big. RTwP CRPGs do not sell nearly as big. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that there are more FPS enthusiasts out there than there are CRPG enthusiasts out there. But would any of us really be happy if Obsidian decided to just target the biggest demographic and start making FPSs to supply what the majority demands? No, of course not. And not just because Call of Duty would crush them, but because it would probably also make the available products on the market even more interchangeable and same-y.
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